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  1. for me, the blackhead SA wash is the only thing that is preventing further breakouts. it smooths out my skin so much after using it in the morning and once at night. I think the BP is the overdrying ingredient. I am now only using BP once a night instead of two washes every morning and night. It's helped a lot with dryness overall.
  2. well TOO of a concentration can be irritating for your skin. so theres no winning. just dillute it to about half and half and youre OK
  3. i have a question about the herbal logix.. Does it moisturize your face? After using both of the washes.. my face has a few dry patches.. and with the AHA lotion, it doesnt really moisturize.. Once I get my herbal logix.. im thiking of dropping the AHA lotion and going strickly on the two washes, ACV, and herbal logix. Right now, at times after using the two washes, ACV, and the AHA lotion, my face is still dry. so i use some almond oil,, looks like vegetable oil... thats working but it seems
  4. botchla's regimen along with ACV method and herbal logix... just might get rid of all three effects you have... they have for me.. gradually but im sure its gonna help. im on day 13 ofbotchla's and day 2 of ACV..
  5. WOW>>>>>> I wish i knew about the ACV method longgggggggggg ago. I've only used it 4 times, going on 2 and a half days, and my marks are fading really nice. I'd say about 10 days and they are GONE.. I should be getting my herbal logix creme by monday, so with that in hand and the ACV method, i could be clear even soonerrrrrrrrrrr. YES!!!
  6. thanks.. do you think by dilluting it into a big container is bad? Should I wait until I wanna use it and then mix it... do you think it loses its concentration volume when its mixed and left in the container with water. I could do what you do and mix it in the cap every day instead of having it premixed
  7. Hi jade.. this is jimmy. (i forgot my email address for my name so i had to create another username) but anyways, I have followed suit of what you've been doing, almost product by product.. you've inspired me in a sense. I use both C&C products each morning and night. I'm a male so my face is not too sensitive. I bought some ACV, as you suggested. I mixed about 8 oz. of ACV and and about 8 oz. of filtered drinking water. How can you get past the smell? It lingers on my face for about 3 hour