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  1. marine

    Fast shipping Did not work for me:( This product did not work for me, I guess my acne is too severe, the only think that works for me is the products from [link removed]
  2. 20% off and free shipping worldwide!!! Just wanted to share with you guys that: ezpeel.net is ding now free shipping worldwide. And just saw they have a holidays special with 20% OFF Coupon code: holidayscoupon, hurry this is ending soon! They have skin correction skin care products and amazing acne treatments products that work really good! They specialize in Acne scarring and skin correction!!!
  3. Hi, I like microdermabrasion machine or crystals scrub, I have my own microdermabrasion machine that I use after a skin peel to remove peeling dead skin or when my skin flake, it also remove the blackhead with the strong vacuum on it, I love it!
  4. No the skin is too thin, I use Anti Dark Circle from ezpeel.net it is really high in Haloxyl, which is the best ingredients for dark circle under eyes.
  5. From my experience with lot of acne to no acne, do not use oil, jojoba or any oil!!!! The best moisturizer if you skin is dry and you are trying to stay away from acne and large pores is pure Hylauronic acid serum or DMAE Serum. I get mine from anais skin care, you cna google it to found their website. They olso have a Bergamot facial mist that is great for dry irritated skin and it is Vegan and smell so good! This is what i have been using and i am acne free now. TCA cleanser, twice a day Tca
  6. You should try the Retinol+ from anais skin care and also their TCA toner and cleanser, it works super well on pores sizes, acne and acne scarring. I had tried everything until I found this line. I went from ugly to pretty, also do NOT use anything with oil!!! Feel free to ask me any thing, love to help! Best of luck!
  7. marine

    Great results! Tingle a little... I had lot of large pores, my skin is oily and I get pimples. I tried the Glycolic acid peel 30 from ANAIS SKIN CARE about 3 weeks ago now and I am very pleased with the results. I also use their TCA cleanser first. Which help the glycolic to go deeper! I am very happy with this Glycolic peel. I paid about 30 buck for the bottle.
  8. I am so happy to share this. I have been using: -The Anais TCA Toner (every morning and night) -The Anais Gorgeous peel (once a week) -and the Anais Repair Serum (once every two days) I bought it from Anais Skin Care you can google them to found the website and they ship worldwide. They are great to return emails if you have questions or need a free email consult. I had severe acne and scarring, I have been using this 3 products now for over 2 months and my skin look amazing. The first week
  9. Trust me do not use a cream to moisturize your skin or you will get few pimples still, use Hyaluronic acid serum, it is the best. I use the one from ANAIS skin care. It is clear, fragrance free and hypo-allergetic , will not clog your pores or produce pimples and your skin will drink it!!!
  10. Yes it is true it will iritate your skin to much!!! You cannot mix the two. Also this one is great for acne scars http://www.ezpeel.net/DERMA_ROLLING_SYSTEM_p/derma%20rolling%20system%20kit.htm http://www.ezpeel.net/DERMA_ROLLING_SYSTEM...ystem%20kit.htm
  11. You can buy the Glycolic acid 30% at anaisskincare.com Hope that helps you.
  12. I think that accutane is really bad and in a long run it will give you sad effect and leave your skin with deeper scars! i have heard and seen people that have been on accutane for a long time and their skin looks terrible and now they have a hard time trying to fix it.
  13. I eat sushi 3 times a week and my acne is gone using my skin care regimen, I agree to avoid fatty food but sushi is real healthy!!!
  14. I have been doing the lunch peel once a week from ANAIS skin care, it is mild the TCA and no others acid and it really clear up my acne and smooth out my skin. ANAIS theory is to PEEL more than you HEAL!!! Anything over 15% is getting too close to the frost line. The trick behind an awesome peel is to FOOL the skin into secreting a TON of natural collagen and elastin to the effected area. BUT! If you DO burn you skin, using high doses (some are very unreputable), then ALL of that natural protei