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  1. Hey! Just saw your post about your skin dry - are you using batch 9152 BP??? Because there are lots of people having issues with this new BP batch - I just started using it today - and have red burns all over my face!? I've been using Dan's stuff for over a year - this isn't normal - have you had any breakouts from this 9152 batch of BP?? Did your redness go away???? I'm wo

    1. Yes it has changed. I thought I was the only one who noticed it... but this new bottle I just got smells like a doctor's office and is much thicker. Still works great tho so far!
    2. I have been on the Regimen for about 4 weeks. Up until now, everything has been going according to schedule. But just a few days ago, I noticed that when i applied the treatment it would burn like crazy around my mouth and up both sides of my nose. Shortly after every application my skin would turn bright red and itch and burn very badly. I followed every application with moisturizer/jojoba oil mixed, which did help to soothe the burning. Yesterday evening though, I was shocked when I looked in
    3. Thanks guys! That answered my questions... I think i will give tanning beds a try
    4. Hey ya'll. I'm new here, but I wanted to ask a quick question. Actually it has two parts... The first question don't have much to do with acne, but here goes: How many of you guys go to tanning salons? Is it considered a "gay" thing to tan in a bed or is it socially acceptable/normal? I'm just wondering because in my area there aren't any beaches or any good place to tan, and it is hard to get a tan at all in the winter. Second question: Does tanning actually help acne or make it worse? I hav