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  1. hi all...im currently using Paula's Choice 2% BHA liquid for my moderately severe clogged pores and whiteheads...i used to use this product 8 months back for 1 month and a half..that time i used it after steaming my face....but i guess i was doing too much and irritated my skin because i developed those small hard grainy yellowish stuff (should be millia) all over my cheeks. After that i quit using this product. My face improved using apple cider vinegar but my face was still clogged together wi
  2. hi...ur post sounds a lot like my life...except that im still studying...i started breaking out moderately at the age of 20, im 24 this year....back in my teen years..i had acne too but it was really mild compared to what im having now...i was considered attractive and had high self esteem about my image..but now acne completely destroys it...im almost giving up hopes on healing my acne...currently im using paula's choice 2% BHA liquid...i dont know how well will this product work...but if it fa
  3. hi people....i was wondering whether having a pimple coming to a head would be better in the long run rather than having it dried out using benzoyl peroxide (for instance)....im confused now...is it that it would be worse off if i use bp to dry it out? will the bp cause the pimple to be suppressed and the toxins still be left in the blood? can anyone help me out? thanks!!
  4. today i saw the pics that my friend posted on facebook....she has clear skin...and in those photos she was wearing a beautiful dress...she looked absolutely pretty with her crystal clear skin....after that, i felt bad about myself because of the life i have wasted...i could have been confident and care free about life....i could have been as gorgeous as her in that dress too...except that my skin would spoil it all....no matter what people say about acne having no effect on our attractiveness,
  5. 1. i would study harder for my exams and get a scholarship to study abroad to the country of my dream 2. I would appreciate the presence of some of my family members who passed away few years back and also everyone in my life...cos i now know that i may never see them again 3. I would put more efforts in everything that i do and also change my attitude towards life.... acne/hygiene is not on this list though
  6. Thanks! Hope that this post benefits many people here...im slowly incorporating the things that i have mentioned here...am happy with my efforts
  7. sometimes when i see some of my friends who are pretty with clear skin, i cant help myself but to feel envy of them ...it sucks to have that kind of feeling actually
  8. ihaveabu, dont bother with replying or debating with i_play_with_emotions. He plays with emotions LOL...he might be trying to make you feel down after because he cant stand seeing you having all the success or popularity...or maybe simply he loves to waste other people's time.. if u trying to stand up for your self more you are going to waste your time. Us, other people who know what your point is, look at your message from positive point of view. Those who dont like or dont agree with what ihav
  9. wow....i think u r gorgeous! u may not be stick thin but i think (as a woman) men definitely will like your body...u r not gross...look at beyonce, she is considered sexy by many men and she does not have a thin body and so is tyra banks.... so dont put your self down and appreciate your own curves...hope u r feeling a lot better about yourself
  10. Give yourself a makeover in attitude, your skin, health and overall quality of life! Now I know most of us have acne, be it severe acne, moderate or mild. And I also know most of us are not happy with life and are miserable, hoping that our acne will clear up as soon as possible. Most acne treatments also require a minimum of 2 months to 4 months though for some people it may take a shorter or slightly longer period. Instead of wasting time at home feeling depressed with our skin, why don’t
  11. yeah, that's a really good answer.. i really like that one....it sucks how acne can destroy our self image and self esteem...that's why we all should never give up in fighting this acne battle!! we all are gonna get the old us back minus the acned skin...is just a matter of time....
  12. yes i can relate to that...a few months ago when my acne was really really bad, i didnt bother to dress up to class or take the time to style my hair. Even during the festive seasons, i did not have the mood to do those things as well...though my acne now is not as bad as the last few months somehow a lot improvement is needed for me to feel satisfied with my skin...but im slowly improving to make myself look better in terms of my image apart from skin of course im 24 this year, it sucks reall