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  1. So I'm on Doryx. 300 mg a day. I'm extremely happy with my results, but recently my gyno put me on Yaz for PMS and all that. I know that taking antibiotics on the pill reduces the effectiveness of birth control. But I'm not having sex right now so I don't even care. What I want to know is will Yaz still help with hormonal breakouts while I'm on Doryx?? If anyone knows pleaseee let me know because I just took my first Yaz pill today. Thank you so much xox
  2. im pretty similar you you i think, and i just recently started using zinc to help treat my acne. i have chronic problems with cystic acne and scars, and had heard that zinc had helped some people. i take 30mg of zinc once a day and apply a topical cream with 40% zinc once a day, too. so far, i have seen a amazing results. my redness and cysts have all but disappeared and my skin is soft but not ir

  3. After Accutane not working *sigh* I've decided to not give up and create an all new regimen for myself. I've decided to cut white bread and chocolate out of my diet and limit how much dairy/citrus/processed foods blah blah that I eat. I'm also not going to wear ANY face makeup EVEN TO SCHOOL. Insanity. But I have to admit, after just a week, my skin is less irrated and definitely getting better *knock on wood* I just switched derms and she put me on Aczone for my cystic breakouts and then she
  4. I went on it for about a week and I started feeling very anxious and depressed. And after I'd pop a pill, I'd feel like jumping out of my skin about three hours later. It was so fcked up
  5. I had to go off the Claravis (Accutane generic). What should I try now? PLEASE anyone
  6. I had to stop using Accutane after a week. I got extremely depressed. It was terrible. Idk what I'm gonna do..
  7. It doesn't even look like you have acne at all...good look with the accutane :)

  8. Okay so I'm on day two. Nothin yet. I'm gonna try not wearing make up today so hopefully that will help it.
  9. Thanks they put me on 40 mg a day. I popped the pill like 20 min ago soooo here we go
  10. Ugh the pharmacy didn't have any in stock so OF COURSE I have to wait another day. Just my luck..
  11. Differin didn't do much for my big red ones, it wasn't strong enough.
  12. I agree. Try tea tree oils it worked so well for me. You can get it at the grocery store in the organic aisle. Stop with the BP wash if you have little bumps it doesn't work, it just irritates it. Stick to a gentle cleanser like the tea tree. Do you go to a derm?