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  1. Well said, Paul. You've always been a positive person. A very admirable trait!!
  2. Thanks for the replies. I guess most people on this section disregard this because they'd rather self loath... Mrjarjarbinks77, you might not have the best skin genetics, or anyone else would for that matter on this site... But I bet you have great genetic potential for other things in life that someone with flawless skin doesn't have. Maybe it's undiscovered yet too.. I think in this life from what I have learned (without being cheesy) is that it's open to everyone and you can actually d
  3. What do you guys think of this quote. "No one is in control of your happiness but you; therefore, you have the power to change anything about yourself or your life that you want to change." True????
  4. BIG ANT!!! I deleted my facebook and made a new one with only people I like to be on it! (Should have been that from the start lol!) Anyway, I tried looking your name up but it didn't show! So when you're not busy, try finding ' Alawi Abu Teez Ilmawee' Lol! Don't ask :P Just copy paste! CHUR

    1. WalkTheWire


      Haha, I figured that was what happened. Hmm, I tried searching but nothing came up.

  5. Hey brah, you flyin' Santa's sleigh in your profile pic? lol :-P

    1. Loochi


      Hey bro! how you been? haven't been on org for a bit! I'm a telemarketer mate, wanna buy something? ; ) LOL!

    2. WalkTheWire


      BAHAHAHA sure. Are you selling life insurance? :-P I'm good man! Miss chatting with you. Hope all is well.

    3. Loochi


      LOL. was about to push the 'delete' button on your comment because I thought it was the 'like' button. Too much facebook?? Yeah mate, miss the chat with you too, always welcome to start one up mate, I'm always around.. Just need to be summoned. I'll make sure to make more time to come chill next time I come to the states! Can't wait bro, it really is the dream land! lol!

  6. Your icon is like a buff guy hotline pic yo!

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    2. Sima
    3. Loochi
    4. User142279


      hahaha, Loochi is a badass tho homie Sima! inspires me and my fellow brosephs who are as tall and once skinny.

  7. how get buff -_-

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    2. User142279


      Time -____- Q__________Q

      fosho's dude, I guess I'll just be sad and skinny forever :c and it's all your fault forever :c That would actually be a really ideal weight for me lol, I'm only like 5'7" and at my best was 130 ish, then I stopped using that protein powder got lazy with working out blah blah fast metabolism and now am skinny beech.

    3. Loochi


      No need for ANY supplement regardless of what anyone tells you.. : ) - waste of money.. How much do you weigh now? I'm 5'7 as well *hi 5* - I can give you how much fat, protein, carbs to eat each day ... Whatever food fills in the gaps is your choice ; ) - that's how I do it! I hit my 3 macronutrient numbers and enjoy life!! Let me know brah

    4. User142279


      Word, I'll send you a pm brahsef!

  8. Condara!

    1. Thanatosia


      Lak barboog! I am in Amsterdam lol. About to get onto the plane to England. I tried to message you before but you were AFK or something! I'll chat to you soon bro. Peace!

    2. Loochi


      Lol I'm always playing starcraft or doign something else when you come on dude! Lol! 3ma. Yeah we will talk

    3. NessaVenasaur



  9. Oh come on, Mr. Loochi! Don't play me like that. You ain't no Aladdin. You can't just come and sweep girls off their feet. >_<

  10. lucky bastard. y u steal my girl!

    1. Loochi


      :) What can I say? I loved her too much so I had to steal! Sorry, but there's no way I can afford her so I had to ;)
  11. Today I went out to Red Robin with my girlfriend, and the waitress kept staring at my big fat pimple... I was so embarassed, was red-er than a tomato.. I was gonna break up with my girl right there and then and run out of there sprinting for the hills... My girl kept saying how handsome I was looking tonight and the more she said it the more pissed I got cause I know she was lying cause she probably wanted ME to pay the bill... (that bitch!) Pissed me off!!! Life sucks so baddd right now..
  12. Hey bro, remember me? How's it going? What's youre Skype man? We should talk

  13. I had my medical examination today which determines if we fail or pass... 7 year degree and I skipped today's examination because I saw myself in the mirror.................... fml =/
  14. bro im owned ay.