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  1. Thank you for the tip KL. I've never heard of that stuff but I will definitely look into it. Day.. 56 I think? My face does seem a little smoother. My lips hurt soooo bad, it is an absolute nightmare. If I don't have lip balm on them they burn and turn bright red. Not only that, but there is still acne.. it's so frustrating. There are also little red dots on my cheek that look like acne except they are flat, could it possibly be scarring?
  2. Day 38 My face still hasn't cleared up. Argh. My lips hurt so bad. The other day I smiled and they bled. I really hope they stop being dry soon..
  3. Day 21 I noticed today that my forehead is pretty clear! I took a picture and compared it to my first one and the grease looks like it's completely eliminated! For some reason the uploader always freezes so I can't show Nothing else has changed.. my lips are soooo painfully dry.. ugh.. :'(
  4. I haven't been using any moisturizer for my face, but I've been using Nivea SOS lip balm.
  5. Day 17 Haven't updated in a while, nothing has happened. Except my lips are becoming even worse.. I didn't think it could get any more painful! Also my forehead is getting pretty dry and flaky. But other than that, nothing.
  6. Thanks carmelle, perhaps I can assume my IB will come around the same time as yours did too. And good luck to you too! Thank you little-miss-sunshine, I wish you good luck on your course. Hopefully you won't need to endure painful dry lips too. Day 8 My skin is a touch dry, not too bad though. My lips are cracking so bad! They hurt like crazy nothing else has happened.
  7. Thanks Samantha! Good luck to you too. Day 7 Lips are about as dry as yesterday, and the right side of my face seems a little dry too. That's about it.
  8. Day 6 Nothing has changed except my lips are a little less dry.
  9. Thanks Brianna Day 5 I have very dry lips today. And I keep picking at my pimples, they hurt. I cannot help it And today I got a papercut and it was gushing, it would just not stop bleeding, I'm pretty sure that's related to Accutane.
  10. Didn't get my camera charged till today. But my pictures won't upload in the post. So whatever, here goes. Day 4 My skin is increadibly oily, moreso than ususual, I don't know if it's the accutane or not since it's only day 5. It is a nuisance. I am dreading my IB..
  11. Your skin looks great! And you are very handsome ;]
  12. I am 16 and I don't wear makeup, on rare occasions I will use loose powder and blush. But I look pretty much the same without it.
  13. My name is Samantha, I am a 16 year old girl, 5'1" and 145lbs. I just started Accutane on January 30th 2009. I have been struggling with acne since I was 12 or 13. Most of the time it is pretty mild, but I break out a lot. It is not pretty. I am not a big makeup person, it doesn't cover it up very well anyways. I have tried lots of creams and stuff, and Proactiv only made my skin itchy and red.. I was on birth control for a while and it helped a lot, but everything came back. So now I'm ready t