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  1. I am here guys. Once again apologies for not keeping up as much as I would like. We had rubrics this week, meaning the teacher stood there observing us practicing skills and interrogated us about the different information of what we were doing. Not exactly a relaxing experience. The saying goes that an Estheticians works only on the Epidermis, but a Dermatologist goes below into the dermis. Many estheticians work for dermatologists. As for the baking soda ramble, I've used it on my face bef
  2. What causes goosebumps then??? Every heard of the arrector pili muscle?? Perhaps a better word for "open and close" is "dilate" I know all about pH, acidity and Alkaline, everything you just said- I've learned that. The important thing to do AFTER bringing skin to an alkaline state is to RETURN IT to acid- applying toner and moisturizer. Everything you just said is a repeat of what I've learned. And my post about extraction was not my own words, but the reccomendation of my instructor, who is
  3. Ok I thought I posted on here yesterday, but somehow my post ended up in a different place. So here goes again: I've been super busy with school, so I apologize for not being here to answer questions as often as I wanted. I'll get out my textbooks to look up some of the things mentioned here and try to get a post together later today.
  4. Hey everyone, sorry I have been gone for a while, but school is really keeping me busy. I am on Spring Break this week, so tommorrow I will post information on your questions. Once again I apologize but whew being worked to death at school!!! As a quick side note, a few days ago we had a guest speaker from "Glo Minerals" make up. I learned a ton about mineral make-up and it's pretty cool. Like I said, it still all boils down to ingredients. Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide are things to look for
  5. Blackheads are "open comedones". this means the pore is only partially blocked with sebum and dead skin cells. The fault of these is that the skin is not sluffing off dead skin cells, too much sebum is being produced OR the sebum that is being produced is too sticky in texture to get out of the pore. Black heads may be safely extracted- only if done properly!!! Consider seeing an esthetician for help. The only way I have found to make my blackheads go away was extraction- but if not done properl
  6. Thanks for that tip.."titanium dioxide"..i didn't know that. The best exfoliators I have used would be Dermalogica Microfoliant and Clarins Gentle Facial Peeling which is more of a clay that balls up on your skin when massaging with the palms of your hands..that stuff is great. The absolute worst is St Ives Apricot Scrub..!! that stuff ruined my skin for a period of time.. not to sound like a snob, but the upmarket stuff always seems better..lol i also use that BHA 2% mask by sage...and inste
  7. There is a difference between ADDED fragrances (like in Aveda products) and fragrances that exist from the ingredients. Lemon grass is one such ingredient that has the scent of, well, lemon. This is not an added fragrance. Pevonia does not have a "signature scent" like Aveda, because they do not ADD fragrance to their products. *scratches head* So you're saying that if a product doesn't work on one person, it won't work on the next either?! Forgive me. One products may work wonders o
  8. You are wrong, Pevonia does NOT put fragrance in their products. That is why I highly recommend them. (And so does my teacher who was a dermatologist for many years in Russia, to put a different spin on it) They do have a natural scent, because of the ingredients in them, but let me clarify there are NO added fragrances!!! The fragrances that do exist have been made allergy-less. I am attending a school that is rated one of the 5 best in the united states, and they wouldn't choose pevonia as one
  9. Citric Acid: I believe you may be referring to Alpha Hydroxy or "Fruit Acids" AHA's are used in cosmetic products as moisturizers, emollients, and exfoliants. They are also employed to treat such conditions as photodamage and hyperpigmentation, and, at the medical level, eczema and ichthyosis. Their activity and associated benefits are dependent on the type of AHA used, the concentration employed, and the pH of the formula. The benefits attibuted to these active substances include a reduction o
  10. Hey, I came here a long time ago for suggestions on treating my mild acne. I got tons of suggestions and did everything I learned from this site. Now I am attending college classes to be trained as an Esthetician. In 6 weeks I have learned more about skin than I ever thought possible. I have books, teachers, a products galore to learn from. Sadly I STILL am struggling with open and closed comedones as well as the occasional pustule. My skin goes up and down- get's a ton better, gets a ton worse
  11. Blah. I've been through a lot with acne. Severe, mild... (more mild than severe). Peopling making rude comments, having horrid foundation (I am a girl, I wear makeup, but my skills have greatly improved in color choosing AND application!) I used SOOOO many different products.... A few weeks ago I went on Vacation to Hawaii. Before I went I discovered some wonderful products that aided in helping me to look my best, and not like a girl with bumps and redmarks all over her face and back. Covergi
  12. In about 3 1/2 weeks I am going on vacation to Hawaii. I have not been on this site for the past 6-8 months because my acne has gotten SO much better. It was getting bad last summer. Right now I would describe my acne as mild- mostly blackheads that I get frusterated with that end up becoming little pimples. And since I am a girl, during PMS I'll get 1 or 2 bigger pimples- maybe. But they go away within a few days. I have also been fighting bacne for a while. I have ignored it for a long t