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  1. hell yeah that would rock my socks off.... :dance: grrrrrr acne is so annoying!!!!!!!
  2. me too, well i start to cry n then freak out incase the tears cause more spots so i stop LOL how sad i hope u feel better soon remember we are all in this together
  3. im so frustrated with my skin at the mo. ha sounds crazy but i feel like cutting off my face im havin trouble sleepin and i cant stop lookin in the mirror any idea's for me on how to stop this obsessive behaviour??? ........................
  4. i use cetaphil but i dont think its taking it off properly n i dont want to scrub my skin cos it'l irritate it. i was in boots today looking for a new one for oily skin but could only find ones for normal or dry/sensitive skin,very annoyingg ive heard almond oil is brill at removing it but id be afraid to try it incase it blocked all my pores...
  5. amen to that... none of my friends understand... y would they? they all have flawless skin :mad: oh well im really glad i found acne.org tho :dance:
  6. hey shadow no they dont throb or turn into pustules.. they just appear literally overnyte in bunches n stay for 6 or 7 days. they are usually very small but because there are so many i find them really embaressing :redface:
  7. hey i have a crazy amount of these small sumtimes red,sumtimes skin colured,itchy papules on my forehead. the itch is drivin me insane,has any1 experienced anything like this? they are usually in clusters or lines (as in 3 in a row). thay really bothering me anybody have any idea what they are?????
  8. hey does anybody know any of any natural ways of shrinking oil glands? i dont mean roaccutane or taking dianette or anything like that... ive tried em all... any suggestions would be apppreciated
  9. its hard not to focus on it wen it takes over ur life tho right? i try so hard to forget bout it but the more i try to forget the more i think about it ha ha i feel like im going round in circles i think i may have acne dysmorphia.... not sure tho.... how long have u been in counselling? im not in it that long so maybe as i become more comfortable with it il be able to tell her n talk about it...... fingers crossed.....
  10. heya, aveeno have some good cleansers. they are calming and "soothe irritable skin". u could try them. a lot of cleansers that are supposed to help control acne make it worse in my opinion. as for the red marks i think time is the best healer. if u start putting stuff on em u could end up with irritation and more spots. i was also on accutane altho i didnt finish full course cos of complications n now my acne is starting to return 2. so ur not alone joe
  11. awww i love eric cartman

    1. ya wen i used to smoke my chin acne used to worsen. wen i gave up it seemed to get a lil better might be just a coincidence tho
    2. yup i spend so much money on make up, u wouldnt believe.... what a waste! if i had all the money now that i spent on make up over the last 3 years id be like a frikin millionaire by now what kinda make up ye use? i use max factor.its the only brand that doesnt give me rashes. i tried maybelline,it was a major disaster i wont be doin that agen
    3. k i know every1 feels down wen their skin is broken out but does any1 here actually suffer from severe anxiety? i do n its ruining my life, i see a psychiatrist who has me on rivotril wich does calm me but im worried about the effect it will have on my skin n the worst part is i know that if i didnt have acne i wouldnt suffer anxiety at all.. i cant believ a few bumps on my skin can damage my mental well being so much its depressing! i was just wondering does any1 else ever feel like this i f