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  1. That's the main reason why I dont have a facebook.
  2. When you say back to reality, do you mean your skin was clear and you are breaking out again? If so, that happened to me. My skin was clearing a couple of weeks ago and then it suddenly broke out in 5 cysts and pimples and left bad acne scars. It really hurts you when you were making so much progress. I am hiding out too but hang in there.
  3. I feel the same way when I see attractive people. I get really jealous but if I didnt have acne and my skin is clear, I often think to myself would I even be attractive? I dont think I would be satisfied with my looks with clear skin either.
  4. I am trying not to get myself depressed and worked up over acne. I am trying to avoid the topic as much as possible so I wont get upset, angry and depressed because acne can make you go crazy. But every time I visit a relative, they ask me, "have you been trying this or that product I gave you.?" I respond, "It doesnt work." Then they get upset or keep reassuring that I am the one not using the product not enough or not right. My friend called me today, "Oh, I can help you with your acne because
  5. Does this apply to women also or only men?
  6. Has anyone tried any creams that would fade scrs/marks but does not clogs pores or cause acne? Im looking for a good fade cream because the ones Ive tried causes more breakouts.
  7. I'm sorry this is happening to you. Like you, I'm struggling to get clear and I'm turning 21 on Sunday. I bought Tri-Nessa after my gyno told me it might help my acne because of the hormones. But honestly, I havent tried it yet because I read people experiencing bad side effects. I dont know how long birth control works because I never tried it, but Im pondering whether or not I should try it.
  8. Awwww. I was your age when I started getting acne, but I wasn't as responsible with my hygiene as you are right now. Your diet, drinking water and sleeping habits can help with your acne, but your coming into that age where your hormones are going crazy. If you maintain your healthy habits, I'm sure it can really help, plus you said it isnt so bad, so dont worry so much okay. Do not stress and try not to let your emotions control you too much. It's good to let out but don't stress, it can make y
  9. Yep, I washed my face like two hours later. The bumps were small when I started to exercise and then after that they grew in size and became painfully hot.
  10. Last night, I worked out for a little bit and then I put my face over boiled water to steam my face. I woke up this morning and found red bumps all over my face that were probably harbored in my skin. Three papsules, a white head and a cyst. AWFUL ...I'm trying to find a way to get rid of them FAST .I think exercise actually aggravates my skin.
  11. What's a good cleanser and spot treatment? The black soap hasnt been too bad. I find that the zits on one side of my face subsides for a while then the other side has zits pop up. Then it switches and alternates and I cant get rid of the scars because of this. It's never my whole face controlling the bumps. I need a spot treatment and a cleanser. Plus, I havent been eating too well.
  12. I bought Silk Soy milk the original, is it alright to drink because I see that it has sugar in it. Also, I know whole wheat bread is bad, but I eat it all the time. This might be causing my breakouts but I'm not sure. Is it alright to eat? Can you give me recipe ideas because I have no clue whats causing my acne...if its the topical stuff or internally. My acne is mainly on my cheeks. The biggest and thickest part of my face.
  13. It depends. I heard good and bad reviews from the product. I was using the type for oily skin and it was breaking me out but then again, I wasnt fully clear of the bumps and Im still searching for something that keeps the pimples at bay. The smell was bad for me also. How is the natures cure? Is it really effective?
  14. The pores below my eye, right by and on my nose are visible and dark. I dont understand why, plus the skin is loose and not tight. I'm wondering if this is the reason why I keep getting papsules and cysts mainly on my cheeks and cheekbones. Does anyone know how to shrink pores? My routine: Morning Black and White: Black soap ACV as a toner(occasionally) Aloe Vera Makeup:Maybelline Mineral Powder Night: Black and White: Black soap Retin-A
  15. I can't go on it. Parents won't let me because of the side effects. Yes, I know Im an adult,but I need them for financial support. I'm under their plan.