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  1. I was on differin for a while, my initial breakout was very mild, maybe 2-4 extra pimples. However, after a few weeks my skin got kinda red for a week and redness lasted for about a week or two.
  2. I used Differin and SA together. Differin is great stuff, the first couple weeks my skin got really red (especially in the cheeks) and I had a couple bad zits, but by about 8 weeks I was nearly clear.
  3. I have been using only water for a few months now and I have seen improvement. I gently mist my face with water (in the shower I deflect some water onto my face) in the mourning, dry, and then apply some moisturizer. I do nothing at night except maybe use some bp for spot treatments. I had oily skin when I started, but now it seems my face has adjusted and I now only have slightly oily skin.
  4. Strength training effects testosterone levels. Testosterone effects acne. Possible connection, although likely only makes a minute difference. Working out is generally not considered an factor in acne.
  5. Alcohol dilates blood vessels in the skin, acusing more blood to reach the face. Therefore, MIGHT have a positive effect on fighting bacteria in the face. However, this would likely also causes an increase in oil production (which is bad). So basically my point is: I have no idea if it is good or bad. It probably just speeds thing up in the skin. So the zit you get in the mourning would have happened anyway; but, by speeding things up BP or other treatments do not have time to help fight the
  6. Acne has 3 main causes: Hormonal- Spots usually seem to appear for no reason and despite best efforts cannot be controlled. Usually larger (ie. cysts, large whiteheads). Breakouts often coincide with breakouts of chest and back. Acne is generally confined to one area of face (ie. cheeks). Spots are evenly spaced on both sides of the face. Only real treatment is accutane. Stress reduction, reduced masturbation may help. Often clears spontaneously at ages 17-23. Irritation - Acne caused by i
  7. I find that when I don't shave for a week or so my facial hair scratches my face causing some irritation based acne. However cysts usually don't result from irritation.
  8. my friends little brother once asked my why I had red spots on my face, in front of my friend. I replied "I don't know"
  9. Definately talk to a doctor. Don't wash your face more than twice a day. Use a vary mild soap. Washing a lot only causes your skin to work harder at producing oil, it only makes your skin more oily. Also use moisturizer after washing, your skin won't detect any dryness, therefore will produce less oil. Believe me I have been through this.
  10. This is a good sign, about a year after my back cleared spontaneously my face began to see improvement. how old are you? my back cleared when I was 17, I'm almost 19 now and have only mild acne.
  11. Scars actually improve a person's appearance in many cases. They make a person look human, when you look at someone you look for defining features, you scan for something you can recognise the person by, scars, pores, blemishes, they only accentuate one's beauty as long as it is not distracting.
  12. About a year ago, when I was 18, I was the exact same way as you. I felt totally isolated, I was afraid to show my face to anyone. Today I am nearly clear, only a few small blemishes, not enough to keep the girls from admiring me. In a way I see my acne almost as a blessing, I know how it feels to be ugly, without confidance and depressed. I have seen both sides, you can't have the sweet without the sour. Today I am happy.
  13. got it when i was 12 I'm almost 19 and the acne is nearly gone, only a few small ones every once in a while. I don't know if it is age or I have just finally learned how to manage it.