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  1. Hey there, I'm on antidepressants as well. Or really, I was. I kinda stopped taking them, reasons to my own. I didn't feel much obvious difference when taking them, but coming off them abruptly sure messed me up a bit. It does depend on every individual as well, but just remember a large majority of people can be helped by these and therapy. But honestly, what gets me through the days and nights is my closest friends. Not pills. Though therapy helped a bit, it got me to realise stuff about m
  2. Jeez man. I know what it is like feeling like you want to die. I know it all too well. I hear everyone talking about accutane, have you tried it? Seeing a derm would definitely help to begin with. Concerning suicide methods though, most are painful. Half of the time they won't work either, which will leave you either in a hospital suffering immense pain, or killing you slowly from the inside. Sadly, I know. So I'd offer more advice, but I don't want to give you the usual stuff that people
  3. Looking at these makes me wonder why I complain now ... looking at some made me feel sick. I can't even imagine how they must feel.
  4. I've been wondering what the rest of you guys have to deal with in terms of sort of suffering alone. Do you have friends who suffer skin problems like you? People you work with or go to school with? How many people do you see sort of on a daily basis who you think have the same skin as you? Myself - High School, so obviously we've got our share of kids with bad skin. But the weird thing is that we're the smallest minority I swear ... everyone seems to have that perfectly clear skin without an
  5. Keep up the good work! BTW, that girl sounds like a bitch honestly.
  6. Hey, I'm on the regimen too, its doing okay for me so far. Still got some zits, but they're mostly average sized separate ones, compared to the giant clusters I used to get all over my chin. I'm glad yours is going well, keep us updated!
  7. Dear god I know the feeling! There was this ad ages back for the clean and clear product that supposedly got rid of pimples in 24 hours guaranteed. The ad made me so annoyed, because it consisted of two perfectly gorgeous girls with CLEAR skin in a bathroom, and one gasps and points to a non existent spot and goes, "Oh no, a pimple! The day before the party!" The other says, "try this ..." And wallah ... of course, her clear skin becomes even ... clearer? I hate when they get people with good
  8. Just because someone might have access to money, doesn't mean they're going to feel any better about their skin than someone without.
  9. Hey, as someone who has never used Accutane, your log is pretty interesting! Hope it continues to go well for you!
  10. Um when I was in grade 7, I had these two giant zits directly under neath my nose. Yeah I hated it too. But this kid was like, "whats that under your nose?" and just kept asking and being blunt, and I kept shaking my head and telling him he didn't get it, but he wouldn't shut up.
  11. Thank you guys, your comments made me feel a lot better. I am slightly confused as to why my mate told me this, considering if the situation had been reversed I wouldn't have said a thing. But she can be a tad slow sometimes when it comes to stuff like this. And to the person who was confused by my fine comment, I meant the previous girls he had dated he considering attractive, but then went to me, who wasn't to him. Ah though I miss the good old days when if someone said something shit abou
  12. At lunch today, my mate told me she'd started talking to one of her mates at the school canteen. According to her, he'd been thinking that my best friend and I were dating (we're not), and had made the comment that he thought my best friend could do so much better than me. My best mate has dated a few of the other girls in our group, and the boy thought he'd gone from "fine", to "fine" and then to me, which was a really low drop in standards. Well I didn't react at the time because I didn't wan
  13. Well kind of. I'm bisexual really. But give yourself a chance when it comes to romance, there's someone out there for everyone!
  14. Man, you guys rock. It reminds me of an article about Jessica Simpson, and about the focus on her weight. The moral was actually quite good, the writer was trying to convey that you shouldn't be like her in the sense that her looks are the only thing she really has, and when she "lost" them, (pfft, so she gained weight, whatever!) it was the only thing people could talk about when they mentioned her. So he was trying to say don't rely on your looks to be remembered. Do something with your life
  15. I take a multivitamin specifically for teenage girls, fish oil and zinc.
  16. I know the feeling, ugh. The only advice I can give you is to use stuff like mineral makeup, which I've heard is good for your skin. And maybe that every time you come off stage, get those oil blotting papers. Apart from that, I suck at giving advice haha.
  17. Well, I use cetaphil, and it works pretty well for me.
  18. I was like you, I used everything as a teen, (those bullshit products claiming to cure zits in like 8 hours ... fuck you is all I say!), but things changed when I went on the pill. One of the perks of being a chick I spose. But I was also on antibiotics, which helped slightly. I definitely recommend seeing a doctor if you haven't already. I shudder to think how much worse my skin could have gotten if I hadn't gotten over my pride and asked my mother to take me.
  19. My mom didn't have it, my dad had mild acne when he was a teen, but nothing really bad. My uncle had it horribly, which is where my brother and I got it, (damn him to hell!!!!) but it was only during his teenage years and looking at him now you couldn't tell. But yeah, my brother and I have/had it quite badly, the only downside is that my brother is still struggling quite badly whereas mine has improved considerably. (Kudos to the pill really.) Stupid family genetics!!!
  20. Alright, I'm 16 going on 17 in a few months, I'm Australian, and I adore Supernatural so much that a few friends and I started our own little fan girl club a few years back. It's called TEH. Stands for The Elite Hunters. We're quite happily lame. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=5847...mp;id=692715590 That's a link to a photo of me and my 2 mates at our school swimming carnival, taken about 2 weeks ago. I'm the girl in the middle with the yellow zinc on her face. http://www.facebook.
  21. I started getting it when I was about 11, going on 12. I'm turning 17 in a few months, but its slowly going away. I had it worst ... um, when I was about 13-14-15 ... god, my face was horrible. The only consolation was the fact that nobody ever brought it up for such a long time. Seriously. My friends never made comments, nobody really ever mentioned it to my face, (except one comment in grade 7 which I've never forgotten). It makes me appreciate my mates even more. I was the only one cringi
  22. I don't get how I work sometimes. When I had horribly bad skin, (not so bad now I spose, thanks to medication) the focus was all on how horrible that looked. Before that, it was about my weight, I wasn't happy with it. (Not that I told anyone, considering I get in trouble for going on diets and shit). And now that my skin is better, suddenly my weight and my other features seem like absolute shit. It's like I focus on the bad thing for so long, and when it finally begins to fade, something els
  23. Okay, mornings are easy. Get up, wash face with Cetaphil cleansing cream, moisturise, then maybe brush hair, deodorant, etc. Bit of makeup. Oh yeah, brush teeth. Nights, I take pretty long showers, wash face again, shave legs and underarms, wash hair and condition it on every 2nd night, brush teeth and etc. Once a week, I've got a facial mask as well. Not quite as elaborate as yours, but oh well. It works for me.