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  1. I'm tired of people posting stuff about how depressed they are only to get a heart warming, comforting response by so many people. IF YOUR DEPRESSED OR BUMMED: 1. Get off prescription meds and other drugs. People have told me I need anti-depressants. I've got alot of fucked up stuff in my life, and the fact that i'm young and have to go thru this just compounds the situation. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. The human brain is too complex for a little pill to tell it how to func
  2. i'm no doctor, but seriosly get off the anti depressants. NOBODY needs anti-depressants. Your brain does not need medicines to tell it how to function. It's too complex for it. So get off the anti depressants, cause they don't work. People have told me to get on zoloft and shit, but i say no. Life is a struggle, and to think that nobody is strong enough to overcome an obstacle they're presented with is crazy. Med's like that are the easy was out. Theirs strength thru suffering. Get off the anti-
  3. maybe, if you wouldn't let it be such a huge part of your life it wouldn't matter. some people think acne is unattractive some people don't. at least you don't have aids or are pregnant. when i see somebody else with acne i'm not like "ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! GROSSSSSSS!" i'm like "what's up". if somebody thinks your acne is THAT bad, fuck 'em. live your damn life. damn. i could sit here and right you a heart warming article, but quit being so damn negative and just say fuck it.
  4. im with peytah. i dont want to put up with screaming kids that grow into pissed off teenagers.