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  1. i drink green tea during the day and a glass of soyabean powder dissolved in hot water. for food i've reduced the intake of meat (especially red meat) by 50% and eat mostly vegetables.
  2. heh thanks for the "constructive" idea of removing the testicles. i'm sure any time now someone on this board will give that a try.
  3. duluxdog: whether you agree or not, i'm entitled to post about this subject as much as i want. i find it quite ironic when the number of views on this thread drowns any other recent threads on this section of the message board which means people do give a shit. masturbation is such a shunned topic but yet is globally practiced, why be so ignorant to disregard a connection between this and acne? through masturbation and as a result ejaculating, an increased amount of testosterone is converted i
  4. i'm all for washing with salt. read this: http://www.pioneerthinking.com/epsomsalts.html
  5. sinashgh: sorry for the delay, i've been having some problems with my isp recently. coenzyme-a is required to help balance your hormonal system as well help to metabolize fatty acids (someone correct me if i'm wrong). i took b5 pills for half a year which worked wonders for 2 months (i could have sex or masturbate every single day without a single whitehead) but then it stopped working. also it took a large amount of b5 (20 pills or 20mg) to transform into pantethine and then into coenzyme-a. so
  6. actually, my understanding is that it will help you not to break out. check the ingredients to see if it contains isoflavones.
  7. yes, green tea does wonders. i've been drinking 2 cups a day for the past week and the results are immediate. green tea decreases the synthesis of dht which is a strong form of testosterone partially responsible for acne. a more in depth look at anti-androgens and dht inhibitors can be found here: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=30721 i would also suggest people to include soy foods in their diet and be vegetable lovers.
  8. sinashgh, i totally agree with you and relate in every way. i love masturbating and find it such a pity something so enjoyable causes breakouts. acne from masturbation is no myth, it does affect some unfortunate people like us. nowadays i pace myself and only masturbate once every 2 days. however sometimes, when my gf wants sex, obviously i won't reject her but it totally throws me off from the routine leaving me volcanoes for the next few days. anyways from my experience, the once every 2 days
  9. I've been going to this site for about 8 months but never posted until now. I'd like to know if anyone is still using scotch tape (or whatever kind) for their scars. If the answer is 'yes' then my guess would be it's working for you. If no, I'd like to hear your reason(s). I remember reading Maya's thread on this method with really positive feedback. But nowadays, I only see posts about people investing their time and money on treatments such as tca, (micro)dermabraison, smooth beam etc.. to dea