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  1. I'm 20, and no i don't currently have any active acne... (been off accutane for almost 2 years). I'm using cetaphil as recommended by the doctor's office for both cleansing and moisturizeing. I know that the office I go to for my skin care offers laser treatments for active acne aswell.
  2. I got my first laser peel done this morning to improve my small imperfections. I was told I have very little dints that cause slight shadowing!!! My face is very red, and even swollen at the moment OUCH! I was wondering if I should keep moisturizer on it continuously? I know it hurt's pretty badly when I first apply the moisturizer (for about 5 minutes and then the pain goes mostly away). Today my peel was done using the venus laser, and I will need between 2 to 4 treatments. Also each time I ge
  3. Thank you for the respond... I'll research needling!
  4. It's been about 4 or 5 months I would say.. I tried it atleast 2 times with improvements on the scars... Most people say over time your melanin will fill in.. the only problem is i'm so impatient. Hi Mike I never tried TCA cross yet because that was my main reason. The fact that i have dark skin will make it stand out.. ...All the photos i seen here looks that way.. How long has it been? If is too long, there is nothing you can do, i guess sun tan using sunscreen. Are the scars filled up
  5. TCA is very risky, something I learned AFTER it was too late. After you burn your skin your left with red areas which later turn into light areas. So here is my question.. Is there anyway products that can be used to help fill in my melanin? I ask this because i'm wanting to "fill" in my light patches due to tca cross. Has this happened to anybody besides myself? I'm looking for any info so I can understand this better. Is my only bet to just let time take its course?
  6. It's been 5 months since my 50% TCA and the areas where the TCA were placed are still white, with no sign of coloring coming back. Do you think if I went to the derm he could give me something to help the coloring come back? It really really sucks! I wish I never did TCA!
  7. Kamstan have you noticed if this product lightens the skin or strips a tan?
  8. Does Dermabrasion take longer to heal (color to come back in ect.) then 50% TCA Cross? For people who have tried 50% TCA ruff estimate on how long it took to heal? Thank you
  9. Actually I applied 2 weeks ago, but the scabs came off last week... The coloring looks light now where the scab was It's not even a red color... it's just lighter than the rest of my face.
  10. I did it last week, and it's lighter.
  11. How does a Jessner Peel work? Is is similar to a TCA peel? What's the difference? Thank you.
  12. I wish I never did TCA Cross Now my face looks blotchy, and i'm sure it will be discolored for along time And nobody has any real suggestions on how to gain your coloring back
  13. Trust me after my scabs fell off my face was pink in those areas, and now they are white. I want my coloring to feel back in normally just like you... Until then I just try to look on the brightside telling myself would I rather have a dark spot or a light spot <<<< I choose a light spot! I asked to derm, and they both told me over time that my melanin will fill in... One of them also told me the sun would help. When I was on accutane my arms got really burnt and scabbed up (this has
  14. Hi Your melanin will fill in over time, but it could take awhile so don't expect anything overnight. How long ago did you do the TCA?