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  1. It's way to hard to find a make up to match your skin perfectly You will probably find yourself wasting money because the color you picked out didnt look right. The only way to really tell if it's your color is to be out in natural sun... Inless you can find an ouside make up store the task may be hard. I suggest going to your local make up / skin care counter at the mall.. The workers there will help you pick out products and even apply it for you the right way good luck. Just make sure you
  2. Hey Use these links to read more about the products! For the Bronzer: http://www.conceptmetro.com/index/gender-m...-13/product-617 For the Simply Glow: http://www.drugstore.com/qxp87262_332828_s...moisturizer.htm Those two products work really well together You don't wanna put powder or liquid make up on your face.... In the sun it will look powdery... This adds color to your skin while keep natural skin texture If you have a active zit or something you can also add in a concealor Just put
  3. Nope they wont break you out... Those are both really good brands in my opinion especially Clinique... You have to buy Clinique at a department store, BUT you can find the nivea at wal mart or something like that!
  4. Haha girl you are to cute! All that work over a little scar... Must be a girl think right?
  5. Maybe you should call the derm or go visit him to see what they are ? Best of luck!
  6. Two products that you can try are Clinque non streak bronzer... That is a really nice bronzer made just for men! If you do happen to use it put a little on at a time, dont over do it! It works SO great... You can also try Nivea Simply Glow... It makes you face look really nice and it even hides fine lines ect. ! Those are my two life saver products and you dont even have to wear make up.
  7. You have acne which sucks, then you are left with scars which is even worse! Finally yes so happy no acne... But when my face is directly pointed towards the sun you can forget about it! When the sun does shine on my face you can see all my scars They suck so bad! I cannot wait until I can grow 5 O'clock shadow so I no longer have to worry about it! GRRR Why me? Everything is so expensive to WHAT DO I DO? How do I get rid of these scars / redmarks! Any advice please? Thank you.