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  1. when using the regime, should I apply ACV before or after the moisterizor? also when just applying ACV, should I moisturise before or after applying the ACV ?
  2. i was on erythromycin for about 9 months, 1 tablet in the morning, 1 in the evening. But the doctor also prescribed me panoxl BP cream (which you can buy without prescription, but as i live in the UK its free for me if on prescription). i found teh erythromycin cleared up the big cystic spots really well, whilst the BP helped with the smaller ones. by the end of the erythromycin treatment i was 95% clear, but i've carried on with the BP (regiem) and have managed to stay clear (although i don't
  3. i've found that milk causes me to break out, but only in large amounts. so i avoid cerial and drinking milk as a drink on its own. but butter (margerine), cheese don't seem to effect it at all, possibly because they've been processed so much to be turned into these other products that the 'nasty' bits in milk have been reduced/taken out. i've done little tests such as for a week having cerial for breakfast etc, and everytime i break out, whereas if i don't have it in large contaties im fine (9
  4. alcohol definatly doesn't make you break out. i've been at uni now for 11 weeks, and before i went i'd drink (get drunk) once a week (fridays or saturdays)and was really dreading the many more nights out and how my skin would cope! since at uni i've been drinkin heavly 2 or 3 times a week (monday, wednesay, friday) (saturday = sleep lol) and i've not notices any increase in acne (still 90% - 95% clear thanks to bp!) what probably does cause you to break out is getting back, drunk off your fac
  5. they do, but they are very overpriced. you can get practicly the same thing, but from the normal nivea range (eg the girly range) for half the price.
  6. its a good regimen, worked for me, but you definatly have to stick at it and follow everything exactly how he says. if you follow it exactly, and wait a while, you will see results. (btw it took about 3 months to get me 'clear')