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  1. ok so its been about a week and a month...and i gotta say my skin hasnt looked this good since last summer...i still have like 2 small active ones but thats it..the redness under my skin is starting to fade, but unfortunatley u can still see it, it will take a while for all the redness to go away...but for now its good..i even got some compliments form friends sayin my acne has cleard up real nice... i do have the occasional cheat day...but IMO i think it all comes down to a relativley smart di
  2. yeah 100 mg is way too much...take 25 mg a day at night before u eat... heres a list: vitamin E- 400 IU once daily Vitamin C- 1000 mg 3 times daily Omega 3 fish oil- 1000 mg 3 times daily Zinc- 25 mg once daily chromium- not sure on dosage, i just take one a day B50 complex- one a day B5- 2 grams a day, 1 gram in the morning and 1 in the afternoon, none at night Vitamin D Vitamin A- 10,000-20,000 IU dont exceed, or u will get severely sick COD live oil magnesium yeah its alo
  3. i eat a shit load of salds, chicken and eggs at meals...u just need to eat when ur hungry,a dn eat the right stuff....plus..u need tons of fiber in ur diet, if u have that u should be fine....and dont drink anything when ur eating, or an after, or 30 min before....u can sip but dont drink too much...my nutritionalist told me that
  4. im doing the anti candida diet too....and i think it works.im seeing results...anyways eat tons of eggs, or egg whites, tons of chicken, onions, brocoli, spinach, yeast free sourdough bread, popcorn (homemade, no oil or butter), oranges (the pulp is good for u)
  5. well its been 2 weeks since i started this restrictive diet...and i gotta say it is deff working i think...i had some nasty pimples and they just dried up, now my acne is mildly moderate...my chin and forehead are clear..the right side of my face has 2 or 3 minor pimples...but my left side still isnt great yet...the redness has gone but there are still a few bumps, but suprsiningly theyre not very noticable... my diet now is...lots of broccoli, spinach, onions...oranges, homemade popcorn (with
  6. i eat broccoli every night...is that the same?? if not i can get spinach and other green leafs
  7. only green tea with caffeine...de-caffeinated green tea is recomended...my nutritionist told me so...
  8. ok so for the past week ive cut my diet down dramatically and have been taking a bunch of new vitamins...i did see minor improvements...but now my parents wanted professional help..so im on this new diet, and supplements for my acne...I have moderate acne BTW... heres the diet pretty much morning- 100% egg whites, sausage, turkey sausage, turkey bacon, onions, Yeast free sourdough bread... lunch- chicken, veggies (no potatoes), egg whites, or any meats.. dinner- salad, with balsamic vinegar
  9. does tomato sauce contribute to acne???
  10. i thought green tea was good for ur acne...ive read that in alot of places
  11. how much vitamin A is recommended? i dont take it yet..but i take pretty muche evrything else..i just started doing the vitamins 5 days ago..and there deff is a difference
  12. u need to take omega 3 fish oils..so iv heard...B50 complex, B5, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin E, and get plenty of sun... im starting a new diet too..ive been on it for about a week..my acne is mild/moderate on my cheeks...no cysts... but the only breas i eat are 100% whole grain, and i still dont eat alot of it...eats lots of eggs, meats, salads, veggies, fruit...drink tons of water...no sugar, artificial sweeteners, or foods that are high in carbs... i cant say my skin has dramatically im