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  1. i like the neosporin cream formula
  2. ok I am not an expert, but I do know a little *aha (glycolic acid, lactic acid....) is a water soluble acid and will do mostly surface exfoliation *bha (salicylic acid) is oil soluble and therefore can penetrate the skin and help exfoliate into the pores. This is why it is often marketed for blackheads and acne. I think that BHA is the obvious choice. Some products with BHA to look into would be the red box stridex pads, the neutrogena 3 in 1 hydrating treatment and any Paula's choice 2%
  3. do the bumps look like this ? pic It could be non inflamed clogged pores that are kind of below the surface? And the change in climate can have an effect on skin- I have heard lots of people complain of this. I don't know what to tell you.... maybe try a 2% salicylic acid treatment gel. Duac works by killing the bacteria responsible for inflamed acne lesions and differin is a retinoid (I think these work by telling your skin cells to grow more normally and reduce inflamation?). So maybe usi
  4. Maybe the BP kills the infection and your skin can then force all the debris(pus) out. Like while your body is actively fighting the infection it remains under the skin, but once it is resolved and the inflammation reduces, your skin can expel it. It is getting larger because your skin is pushing all of it out (doesn't happen all at once so it seems like the pimple grows), not because it is producing more pus. Just my guess.
  5. Those would be cysts. Check the What is Acne selection under the Acne Info tab on the menu bar.... it shows the different typee of pimples. Surface treatments don't help very much bc the infection/clog are deep under the skin. Using a hot compress and a clay mask can help somewhat. Good luck!
  6. hmmm I think you should talk to another derm about this maybe. To me, it sounds like the original core of the pimple is still there and is still irritating the skin quite a bit. The time you tried to pop it a bit too aggressively, you likely forced it deeper into you skin. It probably keeps getting reinfected, bringing along the redness and swelling. I think that having it extracted if possible would be a permanent fix. sorry I cannot really help.
  7. they should get smaller with time for sure. Don't freak out too much....I have dug some serious holes in my face(i ham a compulsive picker) and only have a few minor scars to prove it. after the core comes out, the skin will heal pretty quickly usually. just moisturize and don't use anything too harsh on the area.
  8. Thanks everyone for the thoughtful and non-judgmental replies. I feel a bit better about the whole thing already. This is a completely new situation for me as the few guys I had previously been linked with were always right in my age bracket. I am talking to my guy about my concerns and we have discussed in depth about my fears of my family's(primarily my dad's ) reaction. We are happy and very much committed, which is what matters most of all; hopefully when others realize this, our age di
  9. I just need some reassurance. i am seeing a guy who is 15 years my senior. i am 22 so it is not illegal or anything; i am an adult, capable of making good decisions and am mature enough to know what i want...but i just can't bring myself to tell my family about him. any advice on how to deal with this. i really want him in my life, but i just don't know how others will react.
  10. wrinkles at 14....? i don't think eyeliner can cause wrinkles unless you tug at your skin VERY aggressively. i know with me(i am 22) if i do not fully remove my eyeliner it settles into the lines under my eyes making it look like i have wrinkle, which i do not have yet. what do you use to remove your makeup? anyways, if you truly think you need one- i hear good things about the regenerist line by Olay. just remember not to use harsh products on delicate eyes skin, and keep that area mois
  11. i haven't tried it, but the reviews on makeupalley.com are good for the gel blush. that website is great if you aren't familiar with it....you can also sort the reviews by skin type (ie -acne prone). before i buy any thing for my face i always check on there and find out what most think is good. not what you were asking, but yeah checkout makeupalley
  12. Cause youre a scorchin hot female and im Jaxin the biggest male slut on the Org;)....oh and pleased to meet you:)

  13. what's the winky for...?

    hello btw

  14. *moderator edit*. clearly she wants to stop....it isn't that simple. as a fellow picker, i know how hard it is to control the need to pick, but aderral is not a medication to take for weight control- and clearly u are suffering side effects because you are taking it for the wrong reason. stop taking the aderral and control your weight naturally. playing around with medication is unwise...quit!
  15. i am not a makeup expert or anything, but have you tried a cheek stain. it sounds like powders don't work for you, so maybe a stain would be better. an example- http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtm...;ci_sku=1058536