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  1. Hey guys so i have had good success with dan's regimen and about 3 weeks ago i started using his aha. I absolutely love this stuff but i just have one problem, It always balls up. This happens especially around my mouth area and cheeks. I apply it as a moisturizer in the morning and during the day if anything comes in contact with my mouth or cheeks (like a napkin or paper tower or anything) the aha balls up and flakes up. I was wondering if maybe i had a bad batch because i watched a video of
  2. Just used my aha all over my face for the first time, had to put some moisturizer on after cause i didn't feel totally moisturized. It's been about two hour's and my face is still tingly. Hoping and praying i don't purge and that this helps.
  3. I am also very afraid of the dreaded purge, just ordered a tube of the aha and I hope for the best. I purged really bad when i started with dans bp about 4.5 months ago and now im finally almost fully clear and red marks are fading. Another bad purge would totally shatter me, the initial one got me very down and out =(
  4. Well im 4.5 months into the regimen and i can finally say that im seeing results. I still get pimples from time to time but they are not as bad. Only bad part is all the red marks leftover, they look just as bad as acne. So for all of you who are on the regimen and your not seeing results just stick with it. It took me a LONG time for results and i think in another month or two things will be even better.
  5. im in the same boat as holly. Im over 3 months into the regimen and it seems like my skin is just starting to get better. Who knows, every time this happens i get another breakout. I have to say i do have less pimples then when i started and was purging like crazy. The biggest problem is all the red marks, i have tons now. People say to use the aha to combat this but i am afraid to use it because i don't wanna purge like crazy again and create even more red marks.
  6. i think your just going through another purging phase. Im 3 months into the regimen and i am still purging as well. I get basically the same thing as you, pesky clogged pores that can sit for a while and then become inflamed.
  7. same happens to me. at first getting a tan will improve your complexion and make existing acne dry up BUT!!! a few days after your skin will explode with acne. I would get cysts so deep underneath the skin because of this and they would never come to a head. maybe 15 - 20 min in the sun is ok but anything more than that and you are going to be sorry later on that week. Use sun block if you plan on going to the beach.
  8. hey im over 3 months into the regimen and i am still not seeing results. One can only hope and pray.
  9. i find the electric razor is soooo much better ( well at least for me). When i was using a traditional razor it left my skin irritated and it would cut up the existing acne i had in my beard area leaving my face all bloody. It depends a lot on the electric razor you have. The cheap ones are terrible and will cause you irritation. Mine was like 200$, i know its expensive but when you add up all the replacement blades and shaving cream you spend in the years it's worth it.
  10. sounds like a cyst to me. I get the same thing when one is starting to form.
  11. i have so many red marks its ridiculous. Like what you said clearskinn i had very mild acne before but now it looks like i have a serious acne problem with all these marks. I have so many i can't distinguish old dried up pimples from new ones, i forget because everything looks the same. 3 months into regimen and i am now seriously considering accutane and i don't have health insurance so its going to be Uber expensive. Yayyyyy FML!
  12. yep the regimen deff does leave a lot of scars and red marks and they take extra long to heal for some reason.
  13. i did the same thing because i thought using stuff on my face was irritating my skin thus causing acne. So i stopped Well 2-3 months later my acne started to get worse and worse. I tried going the healthy route (daily green smoothies, green tea, just eating better, even the no wash no water method) and this had no effect. I have been on Bp for 3 months since then and i am still dealing with the purging process which is taking a lot longer than my initial run on bp. I totally regret stopping m
  14. i have been on the acne.org bp regimen for 3 months and my skin is still purging and bad. Like people have said it depends from person to person for how long this process takes.