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    shopping, the beach, friends, love, pink, summertime, cuddling, laughing, concerts, pictures, going out to dinner, parties.... um enjoying all these things acne freeeeee please!!

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  1. Sept 11. Not back to normal 100%... feel like its never guna be all the way back to normal :-/ But its better so I have to be thankful. Still regret getting the shot 1000%.... It's been 6 months... but I heard it can take more then 6months...even my derm said it takes longer... a year sometimes. Lovely. Worst mistake ever.
  2. August 7th The top of the dent has seemed to fill in after the restylane. The bottom half is still there though. Ther discoloration is better and not as dark.... but still not back to normal. I just want it to look 100% back to normal. Only time will tell. Does anyone know....... When the dent goes away does it just pop back up.... or does it slowly get smaller and smaller until it goes away... if anyone knows.. that would be helpful. Thanks.
  3. The derms Ive talked to keep saying the dent will resolve in time....... what are everyones feelings on this???
  4. July 21st 2009 Same shit different day with this damn dent. Last night I thought it looked so horrible....and now right now I feel like it doesn't look as bad. But then it depends on what mirror I look at it in...and ext. It's so annoying. I would never wish this type of emotional pain on anyone. This is worse then any breakout i've ever had. Atleast I knew the breakout would go away... this dent just lingers for months on end and I don't know when it will fill in....or if it even will. It mak
  5. Just took a quick look at your log. Hope your doing well. I stopped taking Birth control the short time I was on accutane.. since I wasn't having sex really. There's no need to be on it if your not sexually active...you just obv can't get pregnant on accutane.. that's a def no obv. Ok hope everything is going well for you.
  6. July 17, 2009 Still keeping this for my own records. The last few days I truely did believe my dent was looking so much better. Uh I hate saying denttt.. why oooh why did this have to happen But anyways I truely thought it was starting to fill in and look better... but I think i'm just hoping for it to look better so I'm not sure it actually does. In some lightings it looks Ok.. and others its barely noticable. Uh it sucks. Time will tell I guessssss.
  7. I don't think cortisone shots are painful... exspecially since the cyst usually hurts alot more. But just be careful of cortisone atrophy. I had a very large cyst injected in two places on my forehead and it left a very big dent that has made me very very depressed. if your cysts normally go away on there own in a week or 2. (Mine usually go away in about a week on there own) I would not get a cortisone shot. I know ppl that have cysts that stick around forever soo the cortisone shot is prob goo
  8. Thank for the info. I can only hope for the best. I wish I could be dent free asap. Any other additional info from people .. and experiences with cortisone injections would be great. Thanks
  9. i have searched these boards up and down. And I have a dent in the middle of my forehead. I have the cyst injected in March. March 3rd. It's been 4 months...and not to discourage you but my dent is still there. I hear it can take up to 6 months or more. I just wish I knew my skin would go back to normal. But i'm becoming doubtful how is your dent now... have you seen improvement. Sometimes i think mine looks better but other times I think it looks so much worse. I feel like when people look at
  10. July 12th 2009 Okay so this is no longer my accutane log since I stopped taking accutane about 2 months ago. I only took it for 2.5 months... if anyone has some questions about that..feel free to ask away. Don't let my accutane log discourage you. Anyways I'm going to keep writing in my log to keep track of a few things.. kind of like a journal. My skin looks really really good at the moment... acne wise. My skin is clear..and i have to thank Bactrim for that. I'm not sure what i'm going to do
  11. I'm not sure if anyone even follows my log anymore. But since I stopped accutane about 2 months ago since it made my few cystic zits i'd get a month... turn into flow blown acne... I stopped. I'm sure accutane would have worked if I stuck with it... but it just made my skin worse then I ever saw it..and i couldn't stick with it. At this time my skin looks great thanks to bactrim... except I have a cortisone dent in the middle of my forehead which brings me great pain and depression. I am absolut
  12. Hi Mary I just sent you a message as well if you could get back to me via message that would be great But anyways... your dent has been around for a year??? It's only been 4 months for me and im so depressed.. I want it to go away soo so bad. Did the saline injections help for you... and is the dent completely gone now? I won't be able to live my life until this dent is gone. It's sad but true. I feeel like a jerk saying that but i'm so so so depressed.
  13. I've posted so much about my cortisone dent so I'm sure some people are sick of hearing about it... but i can't express how depressed i am about it. I haven't gone out with my friends in about 4 months... since I got the corisone injection in March. My self confidence just doesn't exist anymore. Let me start by saying my skin is now perfectly clear at this time... other then this dent that is dead center in between my forehead a little above my eyebrows. I got restylane injected into it... which
  14. heyy sorry if my accutane log put you down... I mean loook at all the success stories. My acne was just never too horrible in the beginning... so for some reason my face went crazzzzzy on accutane... and I'm sure if I stuck through the course .....I would have been fine in the long run but I couldn't take the breaking out so I stopped around day 80. Bactrim is working gooooooooood for me... But I know it won't be the fix I'm looking for ..forever. I mean it's a antibiotic soo i'm going to become
  15. Thanks for the feedback guys! I'll hope for the best. Any other experiences with this. Exspecially cortisone dents on the forehead... would be great! Thanks again.