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  1. Day 24 right now. I used Water for the first time yesterday and i actually got one pimple while I'm generally completely clear. It wasn't too big of a pimple though and I don't think my face will always do that I don't think my face is fully recovered from the BP yet so I think it's still a little sensitive. However this regimen has been so good that I literally don't even thinkabout acne anymore. I'm almost completely forgetting about this site. Acne is not a factor in my life anymore. Thank yo
  2. it's funny because "healthy" and "good for acne" can be to different things. Everyone says milk is bad for acne yet in moderation it's great for the body. I think it's the same with supplements like that I don't think they're very good for the skin.
  3. Hey wapak thank you so much you gave me the courage to let go of topicals and you honestly saved me my friend. Day 21 right now i've noticed I started to get kind of careless when washing my hair and a few drops of water seem to get on my face everyday and no pimples because of it. However It's nothing compared to actually doing a full rinse so on day 30 i'm going to be excited to see how that goes over when I actually rinse my entire face with water. Also did your dead skin appear to be like hi
  4. Wapak I have a question about scars and red marks do they heal faster by not using anything? slower? or do they heal the same rate no matter what?
  5. Wapak so i've started to get the dead skin on the sides of my nose I'm currently on day 11. How many more days should I wait from now till I wash with cold water?
  6. If you're flaking then yes you should moisturize.
  7. I really don't understand why I haven't even gotten the dead skin mask yet. I've been leaving my face alone for a week now and i haven't started to get the dead skin why am I not getting it? I realize that dead skin doesn't look good however everyone else got it i'm wondering why i'm not.
  8. Wapak did you get some tiny tiny white pimples in your first couple weeks on this? I defintely wouldn't consider it a breakout since you can't see them unless you get an inch from the mirror and have really bright lighting but still i'm wondering if you experienced anything like this?
  9. awesome, how long till this dead skin mask appears? it's been over a week now for me and should I try to go atleast 28 days without touching water to my face like you said?
  10. so wapak it's day 8 for me and I still haven't experienced this dead skin mask? how long does it usually take to happen will it just not happen for me? And secondly I haven't broken out yet however I'm wondering is this good for red marks and scars. I guess i'm somehow worried that leaving all the oil and crap on our face constantly might somehow make marks worse or something but i'm just being paranoid.
  11. ok, well my last day before i started the nothing regimen i washed my face one last time to get all the bp out and then used a spf moisturizer so that my skin wasn't dried out when i started this regimen. So i applied that moisturizer and for the past week it's theoretically been sitting on my face this whole time since i havne't touched it with water since. Should I give it one more quick wash to make sure that stuff is off my face or would it have absorbed by now anywyas?
  12. Wapak I'm also wondering how long it was till you were able to start using just water in the shower again. I never plan to use soaps or topicals on my face again but I eventually want to use water in the shower eventually. I'm on Day 7 right now what day did you start just water?
  13. Did you develop this red rash on the sides of your nose? I have that now they're small red pimples spread out by my nose and it almost looks like a rash did you get this and how long till it went away?
  14. Yeah i've noticed that oil doesn't for me either, the first few days on the nothing regimen my face has been really oily but i haven't broken out. So do you find that exercising actually helps then?
  15. WHen you exercise what do you do about sweating? do you just leave it on your face? i've always thought sweat causes acne.
  16. Hey Wapak how long do pimples usually last on this regimen? say you do get the odd pimple how long till it goes away?
  17. Same for me Jwebb thanks for the updates you gave us you honestly gave me the confidence to try this. However I also feel that over analyzing my skin this much is causing me to worry to much. See you guys later.
  18. Day 2 No new pimples at all today, the ones from before I started this have stayed the same. My skin is considerably less oily today I guess my face is getting used to absorbing the oil and why shouldn't it I'm leaving it in it's natural state. My skin has started to flaked at the sides of my nose and on my chin but it's very minor right now but i'm dreading how it's going to look in a few days. I found that washing my hair wasn't as difficult as I thought it'd be without getting my face wet I m
  19. When you exercised and were sweating did leaving the sweat on your face cause you to breakout? Cause I know exercise is good for acne but maybe not for our regimen since we're not washing, did you experience a breakout as a a direct result of sweating?
  20. Man I know exactly how you feel. I don't usually get comments like that because I guess my scars aren't that bad they're mostly just red marks but I've had people ask me about my acne and it's really quite embarrassing I feel like dieing when that happens but it's ok man just try not to let it bother you as hard as that sounds.
  21. Yeah I know how you feel I'm 18 right now and all throughout high school i had perfect skin but just broke out last august for some reason. I finally got it under control pretty much the same way you did and am clear now. A few of us on this site are trying this all natural regimen you should check it out http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Washing-F...71#entry2571871 I'm not recomending trying it necessarily it's just something maybe to keep an eye on if it works for all of us then you wouldn't ha
  22. olay has one it's called oil of olay you can either get it in spf 15 or 30 it's a very good moisturizer.
  23. What did you do before the regimen? just regular cleansers and stuff?
  24. Why exactly does the skin get flakey? We're no longer drying out and irritating our faces why does that still happen? and how long till it goes away?
  25. Jwebb your skin is looking amazing I'm starting to think this thing is the answer. If you don't mind I'm going to start my own 14 day log do you mind if I use this thread just to minimize the amount of backtracking we have to do to track progress? I'll post my first days progress (today) and if you don't want me to post anymore just let me know and i'll make my own thread One of my first questions is after you complete the 21 days do you intend to go to washing your face with just water? or at