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  1. Day 107 I haven't updated for a couple weeks. Things have been going better. I'm still getting new spots here and there but they are less frequent and smaller. Right now I have 3 or 4 marks but no active spots. A couple of the spots were actually ingrown hairs but they look like acne. I have one small bump near my mouth that I have had for a month. It won't come up and it won't go away. I'm hoping it makes some progress soon. I only have 6 weeks remaining and I'm ready to be done. I ho
  2. Day 91 I can't believe 3 months are done. I just got back from my dr. appointment. My blood work was much better this month than last month. I was worried that if my levels didn't drop that my dr. would take me off the medication or reduce the amount. My dr. is pleased with my progress. I have had a couple spots come up this week but they have been small and I have tried to leave them alone. I found out today that I have 2 more months left at 80 mg per day. That will bring my total cumul
  3. Day 84 12 weeks down and ? to go. This last week has been a really tough week. My skin looks much worse than it has the previous couple weeks. I don't understand why I'm still breaking out at this stage. The spots are smaller but I had quite a few come up this past week. I'm beginning to think that I'm in the very small minority of people that accutane does not work for. This is extremely frustrating to deal with all of the side effects of this medication and not see positive results.
  4. Day 77 11 weeks down and ? to go. Last week was a good week for me. However, I had a couple spots come up yesterday. They were small, but it is a bit discouraging because I didn't get any new spots last week. I believe these were spots that had been under the skin for some time and that they finally came up. My overall complexion looks better but I can't wait until my face is completely clear. I'm not sure if I will be completely clear by the end of the 3rd month but I am pleased with the
  5. Day 71 The last couple days have been my best since starting accutane. Spots are healing up nicely and the occurrence of new spots has slowed down significantly. The one active spot I have near my nose is slowly healing and I hope it will be gone by the weekend. I really hope that I have turned a major corner and that I will continue to see improvement throughout the rest of this course. It is weird that at around the 10 week mark is when things began to improve.
  6. Day 68 Today has been an extremely difficult day to get through. I have one of the biggest spots I've had since I started my accutane course. The spot is near the top of my nose near my eye. I don't understand this spot. The last couple weeks the new spots I had come up were much smaller and went away much quicker. I hope this is a "one of a kind spot" and that this is a final purging of my skin. My skin has also been much more flush looking today. I want to know when this madness is g
  7. I'm on day 67 and I'm still breaking. The spots are smaller than before and they are less frequent, but I'm still getting new spots every day or every other day. It is very frustrating.
  8. Day 66 My skin looks worse today than it has the past couple days. I only had one small whitehead come up, but my overall complexion doesn't look as good as it has this week. I'm not sure if it is my mind playing tricks on me or if I'm looking too close. I am so ready to have one week go by where I don't get a new spot. I'm not sure if I have experienced that since I was in jr. high. I am in my 10th week and I expected better results at this stage.
  9. Day 65 The last couple days have been much better. I have had a couple small spots come up, but the overall appearance of my skin is much better than it was just a week ago. One issue I am dealing with is dry eyes. It seems as if it has gotten worse in the last couple weeks. It doesn't help that I have to look at a computer all day at work. I hope I have reached the half-way point of this treatment. I am now in my 10th week and I'm hopeful that my course will be between 16 and 18 weeks.
  10. Day 63 I had a couple whiteheads come up in the last couple days. They were pretty small and were easy to pop. My overall complexion has looked a little better over the past week. I am still getting new spots but they are less frequent and smaller. I am hoping that there is a glimpse of a small light at the end of the tunnel at that light will become much more visible in the upcoming weeks.
  11. Day 61 I went to pick up my prescription last night and they said the derm forgot to complete the ipledge documentation. They tried to contact the derm but they were unable to reach her. I ran out of pills yesterday and that meant I would have to wait until Monday to get the prescription. I called the pharmacy again today and the pharmacist gave me a pack of 10 pills to get me by until the derm completes the online form. I'm very thankful that the pharmacist did what she did. I'm sure it i
  12. Day 60 2 months down! I continue to be frustrated because it appears my face can change from good to bad from day to day. I had a good day yesterday and I woke up this morning and I had more spots come up. The new spots have been smaller, but it still bothers me that they are continuing to come up. Yesterday the derm said that they firmly stick to a cumulative dose so there is a chance that my course will only be 4 months. I weigh 160 lbs. and my current dose is 80 mg. My cumulative dose
  13. Day 59 I saw the derm today and she is pleased with my progress. I'm staying on 80mg per day. I still have a few small active spots but during the last week my skin has begun to improve. The biggest issue I'm dealing with now is the extremely dry skin on my chin. I believe I could put lotion on every 10 minutes and it would still be dry. I've also noticed the back of my neck has been more dry the last couple weeks. Two months is nearly over and I'm looking forward to more progress during
  14. Day 56 8 weeks down and ? to go. My face looks a little better than yesterday. I had a small spot come up that had been under the skin for a few weeks. My chin is extremely dry. I have to put loads of lotion on in the morning and often have to put more on throughout the day. My right jawline is beginning to look better in that there are currently no active spots (just some marks). This journal has been a very effective tool for me. I've been trying to discuss my skin less with my wife (m
  15. Day 55 I have now concluded that my 2nd month has been worst than the 1st month. The side effects have been much worse - dry eyes, lips and skin (only around the chin area). Also, during the 2nd month everything under the skin has come to the surface. This past week I had at least a half dozen spots that had been under the skin since I started the treatment came to the surface. Every spot that came up was a whitehead and I popped them. I am now dealing with scabs and old marks. My wife te