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  1. I'd say 95% of my scars were rolling scars. The reason I did the laser was was mainly for better skin texture and to smooth out the scars that my previous subcisions corrected. ...And I'd say I had around an 80+% improvement from the two previous subcisions that I had. I was going to get another round this time but the doc wanted to see how my face responded to the laser first. He's thinking that the laser might be enough to get the results I want to see but if not that he'd do the subcision fr
  2. Just to update what all has happened. Yesterday I went to my derm to have the Mixto done. The staff was ultra nice and all the pre-laser stuff went on without a hitch. A nurse sat me down and informed me about all the pre-laser/post-laser stuff then she proceded to throw a hospital gown/cap on me and started applying a numbing gel to my face. A few minutes later my derm came in and asked me if I had any additional questions, went over a consent form with me and they both left so that the numbing
  3. I'd say about 50% of what that doc said is pretty much what you're going to hear from any Derm/PS. On the other hand those prices are absolutely ridiculous and wayyyy out of the norm. Most docs offer subcision for around $500 and most lasers won't cost over $3000-3500 for a full face treatment.
  4. Excision should be your last option IMO. I'd try subcision or fillers first.
  5. I have a Mixto+Subcision treatment ( my 3rd subcision and my first laser treatment ever ) scheduled for the 29th. I'm hoping to see some improvement in my skin's texture and help smooth out some minor scarring that wasn't picked up in my first two subcisions. My doc said that the downtime wouldn't be as long with the Mixto as it is with other lasers but I'm planning on taking about 10 days off of work just in case. Hopefully it'll be worth the time and money.
  6. Good to hear you're healing well! How much improvement would you say the laser treatment has given you? Also, did it improve your skin texture at all?
  7. Results looks great. Your scars look more like minor imperfections than actual scars now. Going through with a laser treatment would be like icing on the cake.
  8. IMO, you should be fine. Most of those studies about downtime after accutane are based on people taking accutane for 5-6+ months. I guess a good rule of thumb would be however long your on accutane is about as much time as you need off of it.
  9. Yea, I'll probably end up posting before and afters. I kinda regret not doing it for my subcision treatments because I know how helpful these forums are to people that are looking at potential treatments. Myself, like I'm sure a lot of people on here, was encouraged by MrMatt's results with subcision so I decided to go get it done myself and couldn't have been happier. I'm pretty happy with my scars as they are right now but the pursuit of perfection + spare money = more treatment...lol. Yea, I
  10. Got a few extra dollars laying around so I decided to go have my first laser procedure done and another round of subcision ( my third ). My doc swears by the Mixto even though he has the Fraxel Re:Pair on site. From the little bit of research I've done on the Mixto, the majority of it is positive. From what I gather is that it produces results comparable to that of the Re:Pair but without as much downtime. Curious to hear you guys opinions on this.
  11. No I haven't but someone doesn't need a laser treatment to do research and be smart with their money. I've done a ton of research and talked to enough doctors to know that a laser isn't going to do much of anything for a scar that is bound down. Not to mention the fact that we're talking about an average of $500 for subcision vs $3000 for Fraxel Re:Pair. I'm not against lasers. I'm against them being the first line of treatment for a type of scar that doesn't respond well to lasers.
  12. Any particular reason? Just not convinced by the science behind it and even if it does work, it's not going to work for deeper scarring. I think the "results" people see from dermarolling is most likely micro swelling.
  13. People are trying to influence him out of lasers because any type of laser is gonna do very little for his scarring. IMO, lasers are for superficial scarring, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, minor wrinkles and minor imperfections. They are not for deep rolling scars because you are gonna see very little result for your money.
  14. Definitely try subcision first. It's only around 500 and you'll see the results faster. TBH, I've never been a fan of dermarolling