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  1. :(awwww man i'm sorry perhaps thr strong fragrance caused some irritation or the talc..
  2. i think that you may be onto something here
  3. thx for posting the link I guess i could try, it sounds good
  4. I'm a guy an i've just ordered the sample lol lets see how it goes.
  5. 81 lol Your Internet usage is causing significant problems in your life. You should evaluate the impact of the Internet on your life and address the problems directly caused by your Internet usage. Aka acne
  6. If u are going to be drinking ACV then deffinetly drink with a straw and avoid contact with your teeth! It will rott the enamel on them.
  7. Gurra @ Thats excellent . How much kombucha have u been drinking daily?
  8. Really good idea! I would luv to look on your site. Invisionboards are the best imo, get one for free http://invisionfree.com/ if u dont know about that. GL with it.
  9. when poop comes out of your butt. your shit cycle do you shit like once a week or once a day how about your shit. is it smooth or hard like rocks that sorta thing :lol2: lmao
  10. Bout a year ago now i used ACV on my face day and night (big mistake!!) . It has now left me with this horrible brown skin all over my forehead! It looks like a tan. Which i still have today. What could i do to lighten this up to the same colour as my skin? Thanks for your help. :]
  11. I had the exact same thing as you. I found that it was because i was applying it at night time cuz i was rubbing it into my eyes when sleeping. This happened even though i never got it anywhere near my eyes. I got that buring sensation aswell, but when i stopped it went away. I think it was because it makes your eyes very dry. If i was you i would just apply it in the morning a wash it off at night, make sure not to get it any where near your eyes also.
  12. LOL well i left one culture in a cupboard somewhere and forgot about it (it was still brewing in tea) for about 2-3 months and when i finally found it today, lol it was about 3 inches thick! I am sure that if there was more tea in there it would have grown even bigger.
  13. LOL his sig just about sums it up .
  14. Thats one of the most pathetic adverts ive ever seen . They must be really twisted if they even thought for a second that it would improve their sales