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  1. Aww this breaks my heart because it hits so close to home. I went off BC and my skin went crazy. I went back on birth control to curb it and it took 6-8 months for a substantial improvement! It will be a year I've been on BC in March and my skin isn't 100% back to normal yet. I know how you feel but hang in there, if you are back on BC it will get better, it just takes some time. Pleeease please don't stop yourself from going out though. That was my biggest mistake last year. I'm on the re
  2. Heeey! Try to stay positive. I've been on the regimen for four weeks now and I'm almost completely clear. It definitely worked for me, maybe it will take a little more time for you. I never got to the flaky skin part because I never used much more than a small amount. Maybe ease off the BP a little bit to prevent the dryness.
  3. Same here. it has been almost two weeks and I didn't have an IB or flakiness. I have noticed a little bit of dryness though the last couple of days.
  4. I have mild, hormonal acne and I started Dan's regimen 2 weeks ago. I use a little more than a pea sized amount twice a day and my acne has decreased significantly. I'm just wondering if this amount works for me, should I still be increasing the dosage up to a finger length?
  5. I went off BC July 2008 and I had the worst acne for almost a year. I went back on BC FEB 2009 to curb it, but it I'm only 90% clear as well. I'm doing just a simple neutrogena cleanser but I usually only have 2-4 really really tiny active pimples at any time. I'm getting tired of this though, because I used to have super clear skin. I have the opposite of you though, I have really oily skin now. I'm thinking about spiro.
  6. I went of the BC bill a year 1/2 ago, and had the worst breakouts of my life during that year and finally by face has been coming back to normal (but not 100%). I get the most oily skin now!! I've tried numerous amounts of over the counter, Neutrogena products, just soap, not washing at all... and while they get rid of the oil temporarily, but it is right back on there in a couple hours. It's so irritating. I dab it off, but that's not really a long-term solution, eh? Anyone have any miracle
  7. That's a horrible idea. Guys like a girl with confidence. Make an excuse about having to do something in the day. BUT make sure you recommend doing something later (possibly at night) so that he knows you're still interested and not just blowing him off. When he gets to know you better, then let him know your concerns.
  8. "Don't be, it's not a big deal." Play it off like you don't care and it's the last thing on your mind. Or you could try explaining to her that mentioning it bothers you and won't change anything, so to please not mention it. Two ways about it.
  9. Man, when my face was really bad I used to cancel plans every weekend! With my friends AND boyfriend. Once I didn't see my boyfriend for two weeks because of "exams." I sat alone at home so many times.
  10. I used to hate waking up two hours early to apply foundation. I had all these different steps and I had to make sure I applied it in front of a window so that I could see what it looked like in daylight. I had to cake it on.
  11. God, do I ever know how devastating this is. I was in the same situation in December and 4 months after that. From no pimples to not wanting to leave the house. I became obsessed with getting rid of them (including joining this site). It was all because I stopped taking Alesse. I went back on the pill and it took 6 months to fully clear up. You just have to wait it out my friend, during, I tried a lot of things that didn't really work. Just make sure you take the makeup completely off and
  12. Before I had my bout of acne, I would always just think that very thing "oh they have a bit of acne..." and not have another thought about it.
  13. I never had acne and I was taking the pill for seven years... then I went off to give my body a break. 5 months later I had the worst acne of my life, to the point I wouldn't even leave my house sometimes. I went back on birth control 6 months ago and my skin is ALMOST back to normal. I'm sorry I don't have any good news for you... I'm also worried what I'm going to do if I ever want to get pregnant.
  14. Make sure you use a ceramic straightener. My hair is a long giant mane, but when I straighten it with a good quality straightener, it stays.
  15. I have cleared significantly since starting my birth control again in February. Although I feel that my skin is still not 100%. I still get oily in the day time and have a very unattractive shine, especially after working (I'm a server). Does anyone have any ideas for shine control that won't clog my pores? Thanks.
  16. I know how you feel. I had clear skin all my life, and I just turned 22. Last December I started breaking out persistently, like 5 or 6 a day. It was devastating. I canceled plans, I obsessed in the mirror, I had horrible mood swings and I even contemplated breaking up with my boyfriend. I wouldn't even let him see me in any real light. It went on for about 6 months, it was terrible. I woke up 2 hours early to put on makeup and I would have to cake it on. I developed my own rituals for tr
  17. Wow, that's pretty bleak. Good thing not everyone thinks like you, the world would be full of underachievers. I guess if you never try you can never fail, but if you never try you can't succeed either.
  18. Before I started to get acne, I didn't notice much at all.
  19. forserce


    2 1/2 months, for sure. I just went back on Alesse and the first week of the third month it slowed significantly. It's nothing like it was last month. Hang in there.
  20. My doctor persecribed me a clindomycin (an antibiotic) and neostrata solution and it works wonders for me. In a matter of less than two weeks all of the under the skin bumps have raised, I get less acne AND the ones I do have will heal in two days. I use it as a spot treatment as perscribed... it's brilliant.
  21. I want to try this out! Anyone know of any over the counter products that contain BP that are not too harsh?
  22. I have two questions: 1. Why do some people not have success when they try Birth Control the second time around when it has worked the first time? and 2. I'm trying the BCP method right now, and nearing my 2nd month. Should I skip the sugar pills and go straight into another pack to curb the lack of estrogen that might cause acne? Does this sound like a good idea? Thanks you guys. Your responses are a god send.
  23. forserce


    Does anyone have any idea why it wouldn't work the second time around?
  24. forserce


    I'm back on Aviane 21, (for a month and 1 week and a half) but as far as I can tell it's helping clear up my acne. I had taken it for 7 years befre this with no problems at all. Then I went off of it for 5 months and BAM, the worst breakouts of my life.