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  1. Have you tried going to a different derm to see how things turn out? I think expert medical advice is not too much to ask for
  2. Even though I dunno if there's any medical evidence in that thought, I think too much medication is never good. I guess you might as well go and see a derm and get it done and over once and for all.
  3. The THE ORIGINAL RHASSOUL DAILY FACE RADIANCEâ„¢ looks like something i'd want to eat....delicious
  4. Oh no you're not too old I started getting it bad at 18, after (and during) my high school graduation exams). Just don't let it worsen by stress or bad sleeping habits. But hormonal acne's probably hard to control.
  5. I think I already have scars. Do you think isotretinoin would help at all to diminish those?
  6. I've realised the derm I went to gave me a really low dosage. Only 20 mg of oratane (isotretinoin) for a week, once a day! Maybe it is a stronger kind?!
  7. well i just don't see any changes now...not even dry lips... 3rd day. he gave me those 1 week accutane and a facial wash and some ointment that's all.
  8. Oops I said wrongly, it's only one week. Though I don't know if he has already prepared to give me extra doses when I go back!!
  9. Well I finally had to go to the derm. He determined my acne to be caused (worsened) by stress (so stress does play a part). I was in the middle of my college exam, and I had realised my really mild (or so I thought) acne to be worsening as I go by many nights with 2-3 hrs of sleep. I asked him if washing my face with water is enough. He says its not enough, I gotta use a cleanser. (So it may not be a very good idea for those already with acne to just wash your face with plain water.) I also a