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    on stage singing!
  1. Oh god sorry. I hope you do well on the exam :)

  2. Aw girl! Here's a hug! Don't be too hard on yourself. I hope camp is fun! I'm doing ok, studying for a big exam tomorrow.

  3. haha :) i've been... eh. okay i guess. real down lately, for no reason really. i leave in 4 days for a summer program that lasts six weeks. i'm a little mad at myself for being so down before going, but what can you do i guess. how are you? (:

  4. I was till I got your comment. How are you?

  5. Victoria! I'm so glad to see you. I thought you were gone :(

  6. Hey friend! I miss you too! Let's get together sometime!

  7. I miss you a lot.

  8. why the sad face after saying hi? are u missing the chat already?