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  1. Colloidal silver helps with the Staph infection...You can only take that in intermittantly though...unless it clears yours up? It's amazing stuff. Anytime I notice a boil developing I put TCA on it which seems to kill it right away...my boils come on the thighs now tho, not face, so I guess it depends on how often you get them? I heard a paleo diet gluten free gets rid of them, and I did go gluten free for a year once and got rid of an outbreak of boils I'd had on my face (Doctors told me it
  2. Haven't used this website in a while as my acne **appears** to be under control and scarring is much much more manageable...so here is a pay it forward tip that occured to me... For anyone who is concerned about infection and rolls regularly (every six weeks or so), you may consider using colloidal silver beginning several days before the roll and a day or so after...I also soak my rollers in barbicide and swab the area I'm rolling with tea tree oil prior and after rolling. Hope that helps som
  3. the same thing happens to me after rolling so your good. Thanks munson :-)
  4. Hey has anyone had the experience of skin peeling after a rolling session? I mean like you would from a relatively moderate chemical peel. I rolled again on sunday (It had been six weeks) and I'm still peeling. Anyone?? Using what I've always used for topicals. Any input would be lovely. Thanks )
  5. I have no idea about the TCA cross method. I thought about sending an email to that girl in the pics once but she hasn't been here since 2006 I think? For depressed scars, I know firsthand that dermarolling works pretty well. So far I've rolled a few times and my scars have been filling in. You should do a search for the "Okay guys" thread and check out the info on dermarollers if you don't have any more success with the TCA. Good luck!
  6. I can't seem to find the original post now but someone was talking about raised scars...just thought i'd mention that I had a keloid body scar from an animal scratch. So far I've used a dermaroller 2.5 mm on it twice now and it's almost gone. Also noticed that my link to that site for topicals was removed due to violation of board rules...if people don't have the money to invest in vitamin c/a topicals just send me an email for the url.
  7. Since I started rolling I've been using vitamin c and a topicals (as well as taking them orally)...it does get a little expensive after a while tho. I did find a place with instructions to make cheap homemade topicals... *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. * There are instructions for a few other topicals, including tumeric and vitamin b5. I haven't tried either, but the (very easy) vitamin C works just fine for me! Advice I have seen from other make-your-own topicals websi
  8. I just wanted to say I've used my dermaroller 2 mm several times now (paired with vitamins c and a and led lights) and my scars have been filling in dramatically. I read someone mention somewhere that they could see the bottom of the scar they had rolled--that's what's happened with me too! For a while i was freaked out because it looked like my scars were just getting bigger, but in reality i guess they really were remodelling. Thanks to everyone for their great advice and encouragement! I
  9. Bump...I'm looking for some info about this too.
  10. Wow! Thanks so much for your detailed reply. I can't tell you how worried I have been since noticing the larger areas of scarring, (almost in tears at times!!) but it sounds like you understand what I am going through. Your post has definitely put my mind at ease. I had a really bad experience with a PDT treatment once that caused blistering on my cheeks (warning to anyone who thinks this is a great idea for acne!!) , and now that I am looking at the uncovered scars it seems like they are in
  11. Bump -- Or anyone who has any insight about this!
  12. Hi lamarr, I recently started dermarolling (read your thread and have leds too). Some of my scars filled in but there are some depressions there now that weren't there before as well as some redness under other scars. I seemed to remember you saying once yours got worse before they got better but I don't have the time to read your entire thread again..it's 20+ pages now! Anyway if you could let me know that would be great. I really appreciate all the help and advice you posted so far...you
  13. Has anyone else had any signs of scars worsening after dermaroller use? I used mine for the first time about 4 weeks ago, and I noticed that one scar filled in almost completely but there are other depressions now that weren't there before. Anyone else have this issue?