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  1. Sounds like you were detoxing. Very true. Blood sugar usually decreases as one detoxifies. It's okay. We're all human.
  2. Although I don't agree with fighting, fballer12 is right. I was giving suggestions to help everyone out, not expecting someone to laugh at it... As for quinoa, many people are able to tolerate that who cannot easily digest more processed carbohydrates. Quinoa acts as a prebiotic, feeding beneficial microflora of the intestines, it is easily digested, and it is gluten free, for it is merely a seed related to the spinach family. You don't need to drop everything that you are eating at the mome
  3. We're all human. Everyone around you is merely a reflection of who you really are. Know that. Only you can choose how you want to feel. You choose how you let certain things effect you. I was once like you. I had a bad mind set, and one bad thing led to an even worse thing. I was hooked on sadness. Feeling happy was uncomfortable. Peoples' comments would hurt badly and stay with me. Read up on the Law Of Attraction. Like energy attracts like energy. If you feel good all the time, goo
  4. 1) Immediately. My skin was far less oily and inflamed. 2) Taking supplements are fine. Try Calcium and magnesium. Also, spinach has a very high content of calcium itself. 3) There are many options! Almond milk, hemp milk (one of the best!), coconut milk, etc. There are yogurts made with coconut milk. Ice cream with dairy subsatutes. You'll never get bored.
  5. Don't be closed minded. The old ways of thinking need to be forgotten because clearly they are not working. If you still have acne, something is not right within your body. Read books on the way the body works, read books about energy healing, diets, karma. Don't judge unless you have tried. People typically do not understand the raw food diet, or they think it is unhealthy. Do not listen to anyone who tells you that an uncooked vegetable or a piece of fruit is bad for you. Raw veganism a
  6. You cannot clear up your skin by always thinking negatively about it! STOP constantly thinking about what to do about your skin! Take a deep breath, and calm down. Meditate. Loosen up. Let the toxins out of every cell in your beautiful, energy filled body. What do you want? Happiness? You cannot get happiness by being upset, angry, etc. The Law Of Attraction says that one must be what they desire. You will receive all you wish for. -If you want something, imagine having it. Imagine this
  7. Makes sense. I believe the raw food diet can cure many problems, considering everything you consume is left in its natural, healing state. I have only been doing this for a week and I feel better. & I have been watching Fran Kern's 30 Days Raw, it inspired me even more to get into raw foodism (:
  8. I have tried many diets in the past, but recently started an all natural, unprocessed, uncooked raw vegan diet. I stopped using harmful topicals (Bp, Differin, sodium sulfacetamide, etc.) I now use organic products. I eat fruit and vegetables, oils and nuts and seeds. I drink nothing but water and juices of fruits and vegetables that I juice. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about a raw food diet relating to acne.. any personal experiences with this kind of diet?
  9. Just wondering, do you think some of the positive results that people are experiencing could be because it promotes melatonin production?
  10. Im great! school has been busy but good! I just started month 5 of accutane! whooo

    1. Pros: face less red after shower so far, with showering in hot water it was bright red softer hair feeling wide awake after it Cons: colddddd! (obviously.)
    2. Pros: face less red after shower so far, with showering in hot water it was bright red softer hair feeling wide awake after it Cons: colddddd! (obviously.)