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  1. I am on my second course as well and can also say that when people tell us the second course is always easier or the same as the last (like my derm!) I just want to yell at them. I had a very mild initial break out on my first course and a quite severe one on the second, to the point where I didn't want to leave my room. I also had emotional spells the first month but I completely know it had to do with my horrible IB. I am also a lot more tired and working out hurts a lot more than I remember
  2. Yes, you can. I am so used to tanning with a bunch of oil and NO sunscreen when I'm not on accutane. It's terrible, but I never sunburn. On accutane I have to put SPF 45 on or else I notice I get red. The sunburns go away though, and they fade into a tan. I'd never gotten a sunburn until I went on accutane and when I did I was like "What is this!"
  3. Gentle is the name of the game while on Accutane. Don't exfoliate or pick at skin. It will just make your skin look worse. Use a very light and sensitive skin cleanser called Cetaphil. Use cetaphil for your back as well. Do not use sacylic acid or anything that can dry out skin (i.e. benzoyl peroxide, retin-a, soaps, etc). Your skin will be very very dry while on Accutane. It's okay to use some products in the first week but once your skin is getting extremely dry products shouldn't be used anym
  4. 1. I have been on amnesteem for my first course and sotret for my second. 2. My first course amnesteem would have cost me $750 without insurance. I had good insurance so it covered all but $50 dollars of it. My second course I am on Sotret and it would have cost $750 as well but my new insurance doesn't cover a lot of it. I pay $490 for my prescription for just one month. Having bad insurance sucks! 3.Monthly pregnancy tests cost me $90 bucks (derm appointment) and my insurance on my first cou
  5. I got a terrible sunburn too. I was in Florida on vacation and spent most of the summer months on accutane. I treat it exactly the same, (aloe vera, cold press, etc) but I put some vaseline lotion or some eucerin cream in the fridge so it becomes cold. Then I put that on the sunburn as well. Sun burns are a form of frying the skin, obviously, so it helps with the extreme pealing that can come after a bad sun burn. I don't burn easily either. Off accutane I lather myself in oil and lay on the
  6. I washed my hair every other day towards the end of my first course because my scalp was also very dry. I used a shower cap. I found washing it everyday got to be a bit too drying for my hair. I use head and shoulders too. I also put jojoba oil on my scalp the night before I wash my hair. When I wash it in the morning it isn't as dry and has a much better texture to it.
  7. Hello! Yes, Accutane will dry out those black heads. Just make sure you don't pick as they will take longer to heal. If you force them out they can become a bigger problem as accutane makes the healing process slower. I know it can be extremely tempting to pick at them. They will dry up and peal off. My nose stopped pealing by the start of my third month on my first course and all my blackheads were gone. On this course it's starting to peal less and less and my blackheads are almost gone. I
  8. On my first course I bumped up after 3 weeks too because I wasn't having any side affects other than less oily skin and slightly dry lips. I bumped up from 40 mg to 60 mg, and when I bumped up I broke out a little which I think caused my IB. But it went away within a week. After being on 60 MG for a week I got extremely dry lips and was getting sunburned more. My skin started flaking at this point. I would go see your doctor, and I know that's a bit hypocritical but I am just extremely impat
  9. Have you used jojoba oil? Pick up some at whole foods or a holistic food store. Works like a charm. Use a couple of drops in with your moisturizer. Don't go too overboard or else it can make your face look oily. It doesn't clog pores and also helps with red marks.
  10. I was on Retin A before accutane and didn't get an initial breakout. I am on my second course right now and had a really bad initial break out and I wasn't using Retin-A before. I used it for a little while after but it didn't help so I went to BP which helped with the mild acne. It just made my face more red, and I like to tan, so I stopped using it.
  11. Hi! I've been on accutane before too. My first course was a year ago for five months and I was clear within a month. It was awesome! I remained pretty clear throughout the whole course but got a couple zits here and there until month three. After month three I had absolutely no more break outs. I remained pretty clear until I went off my birth control (which probably kept my sever acne fairly moderate before I went on accutane) because of an insurance change and back to the derm I went. So I
  12. Yes, it does. Mostly because one major side effect is tiredness. It's only temporary.
  13. Hi! I am exactly one month into my 2nd course of accutane. I can't tell you it's easier because my second course is WAY worse than my first. I cleared up instantly in my first and I broke out pretty heavily for 3 weeks in my second. I can tell you that after three weeks my acne is now going away. The second course is a hit or miss but the end result is exactly the same: clear skin. You'll be prepared this time. My side effects aren't any different this time around. Just had a big IB and that'
  14. I am noticing a lot of people asking questions about accutane and what products to use. Girls are also asking about make up and everything. I have taken one course of accutane and I am on my second now so I wanted to get all the newbies filled in as I know it's incredibly scary going on it for the first time but the results are totally worth it! Of course a sensitive skin cleanser needs to be used and a good moisturizer as well. 1) Jojoba oil has saved me in my second course. It helps with re
  15. I know that it sucks to say this because it may not feel like it but things will get better. I had a horrible initial breakout too. My skin was at levels I had never seen. Literally, there was not a clear spot on my face. But it will get better. I am at my one month mark and mine are healing. It takes time, and I know it sucks, but accutane helps a lot more people than it hurts.