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  1. im 5 feet tall and i weigh 300 pounds and have acne all over my face i dont have no choice grass is shitier on the other side
  2. ha having sex with acne just doesnt work that way you can give the other person acne through sexual contact so i would isolate my self and my horny penis so i can keep other people acne free
  3. acne makes you look like poop its hard to not look at all the pimples all over the face when its their i have acne and i got a girl by using my personality but im just a naturaly good looking guy and people like to be around me because im funny and fun to be around sometimes the non shallow people will come and they will see straight through your ugly acne filled face and they will LOVE to be around you. I think personality is more important than how much acne you have
  4. i just watched Pokemon The Movie and i just have to say that was some movie 5 stars out of 5
  5. My name is Tariq Abdul-Wahad and im a muslim man Mohamed is the messenger i think i dont think we belive in the Jesus
  6. i listen to the sound of my hand going up and down when i masturbate hey im an ugly guy and cant get girls so when im down i jack it
  7. who is that girl in moderateacnescars sig? the one with the white shorts and pink bicylce she is hot in the 2nd pic
  8. i cant dump my girl friend because i can never get one. i guess i can call my hand my girl.it would be really mad if i dumped it. it would probaly bitch slap me