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  1. well, i am about 3 weeks. my face has dramatically cleared up. all that is left is the bumps in my forehead but they are not noticable. my skin is dry but it looks so much better. the red marks are almost done. its been progressing good. just dry lips and face thats all. small price to pay
  2. Okay 1st week is complete: so far no more pimple at all, though i feel pumps in my forehead but a little bit. i look clear. dry skin, dry lips, no more aches. ill post some pics up later
  3. 2nd day already feel side effects: blurred vision, joint pain, tired
  4. I started 1 days ago on 80mg a day. already feeling side effects: Joint pain headaches and blurred vision, and i feel tired. But not trying to offend anyone but if it clears my acne ill be happy. I used to be considered one of the "elite" guys of my school, but not anymore i hate acne. Im so self conscious and when people talk about how good looking i USED to be it really hurts. But i know i have to be patient, but after every medication and treatment and still no result i get frustrated
  5. so today i start my Sotret medication upt o 5 months and i will try to give a weekly report hopefully it works out just fine. really been so self conscious about my acne for 2 years . Well Week 1 I have moderate acne and i took the first two pills of 40 mg feel fine.