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  1. you think negative your mind will be negative. The reason why you are like this is because you are focusing on the problem and not the solution.
  2. Hey Guys, I have had cystic acne for about 3 years now, and I have been taking supplements and vitamins for about 2 years now for example omega 3 fish oil, but sometimes it seems to be very inconsistent. After researching the companies and balance of the products, I have researched that Usana Health Sciences produced the best manufactured pharmaceutical supplements. I highly recomend the biOmega for fish oil and also if you are not a accutane user, to try out the anti oxidents and other products
  3. Hi I have been on claravis 40mg for month one, then amnesteem 40mg for month two and then I just recently got claravis 20mg but i take two once a day because they ran out of the 40mg pill. For some reason the third month I am breaking out like crazy. Is the switching to 2 20mg a day the problem? or am I going through that stage where my face can look good one week and shit the next?????
  4. you have to realize that there are alooooot of people out there that could care less if you have pimples on your face.
  5. Stay with what you have. You need to keep with one thing and the doctor would not prescribe you that if it was not meant for you. Stay with the dosage and continue until the doctor says to stop because if you lower the dose the longer its gonna take.
  6. Got a question, do you think it would be bad to put a moisturizer at night that has sunscreen in it?
  7. got a question, how much moisturizer do you put on at night?
  8. nice, keep each other updated. I am curious to see side effects that are encountering you.
  9. Day 6-7 Lips are a little drier, not much more though. my nose like the sides are drier for sure but everything else doesnt seem much dry. my face gets red ALOT easier when i wipe off grease with a towel. Face stills really oily and I have a couple active cysts right now. When should it start kicking in more? My acne is only on my forehead and its usually a couple big ones everything else is really good. Regimen: cetaphil gentle cleanser then aveen spf 15 moisturizer night: cetaphil gentle c
  10. cysts on my forehead and one small on my chin oo ok bcuzz i have sum big azz cyst dat keeps coming and itz like there all connected so how does it work does how long does it takes for it to go down when u get injected. im on claravis too 30mg Yeah usually between a day to a week. It helps reduce the size and redness. It feels weird only washing my face is a cleanser and then moisturize. I am use to have alll these steps and what not
  11. DAY 5 I stopped proactiv and clindamycin topical pads. Went to the derm and they gave me about 20 injections on my face. Lips are starting to get dry but not enough yet. Face doesnt really feel dry but is really oily. Hopefully things dont get worse
  12. DAY 1-4 Took my 4th pill this morning. Face is getting alot greasier, I have a good amount of new cysts on my forehead which have not been there in about 3 years and I got a little pimple on my chin, my lips are starting to become drier, my eye lids are somewhat burning but I put hydrocortisone which is a relieve. I stopped pro activ on everything but my forehead but i still use clindamycin topical pads at night. My face is starting to have that burning feel so Iam gonna have to stop pro acti
  13. Took the first 40mg pill this morning. Yesterday was the last Doryx pill taken. Iam currently on proactiv in the morning and clindamycin topical pads at night and realize real soon once it kicks Iam gonna have to be using a gentle wash and then moisturizer. THAT part is what scares me to death cuz i been using proactiv for 3 yeras now. My face is usually clear but I have troubles with one to 2 big cycsts on my forehead a month but my body is really inconsistant and gets oily also. I am tired of