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  1. I've been needling scars for years with diabetic lancets and maybe have seen some minor improvement but I've heard lancets actually aren't ideal for this and I'm ready to try something else. I've never dermarolled or dermastamped my face before. Is this something you guys would recommend? Most of the scars that really bug me are actually quite shallow. I also have some hypotrophic and ice pick scars I would like to work on. What size dermastamp should I get? Would it be better than a
  2. I'm a bit confused as to what you are supposed to do after you sweat. People say you shouldn't wash your face more than 2 times a day which is usually morning and night but then people also say you should never leave sweat on your face for too long and that you need to wash it off immediately or it will clog your pores and cause acne. But wouldn't this result in excessive washing of the face which would lead to dry skin which would lead to more acne? I cut down on the amount of times i was
  3. I see a lot of people suggest that you massage scars to promote healing and stuff but it seems like that would irritate them and make them more red/noticeable...especially if they are fairly new and still healing. The mark that I have that bothers me the most is about 4.5 weeks old and I can't decide whether I should massage it or not.
  4. I have been reading up on what is best for fading red and pink marks left from acne (scabs) and I feel like I'm going in circles. I'll see all these people suggest vitamin e oil then a bunch of people say there's no evidence this stuff anything for marks/scars and that it can actually make them worse and give acne. Then I see people suggest lemon juice but I've also seen people say you should avoid putting lemon juice on red and pink (raw skin) because it can irritate it. Some people say meder
  5. I see this suggested a lot but how do you know if what you buy is 'fresh' aloe vera?(if its not the plant, bc I have never actually seen the plant for sale)
  6. You know those pesky red and/or pink marks you get after you peel off an acne scab? What is the best thing to put on them to help them heal and blend in with the rest of your skin?
  7. I went a little crazy picking at a deep zit. The scab came off in a few days and thankfully there was no indent. Just a very red mark. It peeled several more times after that. I tried putting neosporin on it after a week or so and that just seemed to make it more red and more noticeable for some reason so I just stopped putting anything on it, hoping it would continue to dry and peel and fade like most of my marks do. The redness continued for at least 3 weeks. Now, it has been just over 4 weeks
  8. I'm going to sit outside and tan regardless. My real question is: is it worth waiting a few more days for the marks to fade? or should I just put sunscreen on those spots? or no?
  9. Ah, well if the marks are red, I'd avoid sunbathing or at least put sunscreen on the red marks. Anytime I ever tanned with red marks it just made them redder and they seemed to last much longer. My question mainly pertains to scabs, dark brownish spots and possibly very light pink ones. I feel like while tanning may make the dark spots a bit darker, it would also make a pale face much darker thus making them less noticeable. And as long as I could keep the color then it wouldn't be a problem
  10. I have a few scabs on my face from picking (yeah, stupid i know). I figure they will likely leave a mark once they come off. The weather is going to be so nice next week. My complexion looks so much better when I'm tan and I am ghostly white right now, making all acne and acne marks that much more noticeable. So I would love to stop hiding from the sun and the world and start getting a nice tan. These scabs will probably give me some moderately dark spots for a couple weeks or so. I know
  11. is this common? for new zits to pop up right after you stop using BP? like withdrawal of some sort?
  12. It's been a while since I used BP. I stopped because I felt like it was drying my skin out too much and causing more deep zits. However, BP and I also had some good times where I felt like I was almost completely clear. I was thinking maybe if I ONLY use it as a spot treatment and not rub it on all over my face it wouldn't dry my face out a lot and cause those deep zits. Would this be true? My face is much clearer than it was back in high school (it was terrible back then) but I still wak
  13. The scab came off fairly easily today and there's yet another red shiny indent. I wonder how long this is going to last? I am hoping that because, like you said, its still healing and that is why it looks like a scar now. Also, the redness is probably making it look worse than it is. At least I hope so. I just can't stand the thought of adding yet another scar to my face.