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  1. Hello, I've been using the products for 3-4 years now. I had the same problem when I was starting...my skin was insanely dry and flakey. I have the driest skin of anyone I know (generally speaking, just always have had very dry skin and skin issues), so it wasn't all that surprising. Either way, my advice would be to modify if you can't bear it any longer. Nowadays, I use the cleanser in the morning as shampoo and on my face, and just use the moisturizer in the morning. Before bed,
  2. alfoxo

    Goes on easy Good on flakes Less redness than the previous moisturizer. Less of a greasy look compared to the old formula Absorbs slowly Strange color, afraid it may tint my skin tone a touch I initially reviewed this and gave it a 2. I decided to give it another shot and realized that you absolutely have to use more than the old formula to receive the wonderful benefits. I used to use half a pump of the old formula because it made my face so greasy and red, but with this n
  3. I always thought elidel sucks for eczema, but I guess it could have a different affect on you. I never had sub-derm, but I've had dermatitis my whole life elsewhere and the best remedy I've had was a steroid called elocon (momentasone furoate generic). It's a godsend, I use it about 2-3 times a week and any patch is usually gone. Don't exfoliate, that will make any dermatitis spread like a wildfire. Never itch or rub it. I wouldn't recommend putting a steroid on more than a 3-4 times a week
  4. I would say stick with it, it took me 9 weeks to stop breaking out. You might check into your supplements and cut down on dairy and iodine intake. I would stick with the regimen precisely for another month or so before making changes. Good luck.
  5. It took about 9 weeks for me to become clear (well, except for red marks). My acne was kinda moderate, mostly inflamed. I have a photo album if you want to see for yourself. Good luck!
  6. alfoxo

    my journey

    acne.org regimen started Jan. 15th '09
  7. Hey guys. I've got a red mark on my right cheek that is rather strange. I had a pretty big zit there in January, it was really embarrassing. The zit was gone by mid-February and left me the lovely red mark. I would say the next month went well, it looked as if it was fading normally. Then one day, I felt it throbbing there where the red mark was and figured I was getting another zit underneath it...ugh. Since then, it's been slightly raised on my cheek (it's definitely not flat), so it kind
  8. I've got one like this. It seemed like a normal red mark, then I think I got another zit where the red mark once was. Now it's been gone for a couple months but I still have this red mark that "blanches"...any explanations?
  9. I had to stop doing it this way because I began to break out. I think it's been a week or so and I have been slowly getting back to normal. I lowered my BP use to about 3/4 of a pump which is basically the same in my problem areas, just less where I don't breakout. The flakes seemed to get better early on, but after awhile I noticed they had regressed to where they were before . I'm just doing some light exfoliation twice a week when needed and it's been working great. I thought my skin ton
  10. So I'm approaching a week on this. Some things have changed: Redness has faded a lot. Seems like my face is a lot less red. Flakiness has gone down, minimally. I would say it's just a little better. Red marks seem to have gone down a fair amount. I don't know if it's because the redness in my face is gone, or the fact that after I wash my face the first thing I put on is EVOO and moisturizer directly on my skin..but it's better I think. Haven't broke out, we'll see where this goes.
  11. yeah it itches a little and it hasent really spread. It might be eczema though. The problem was i was only using the regime moisturizer once a day and i think from applying it at night from the sink it was dripping down my neck so during the night it slowly just got really dry over the winder time and i thought i had a boil there and got a little over zealous and tried to pop it and it just went away (the boil that is) but left what it looks like now. And its just always dry if i apply moisturiz
  12. Thanks for the reply. I'll try to update my progress weekly here to let you guys know how it goes.
  13. I was clear just before the 2 month mark....still battling red marks, but I have probably had 2 zits in 3 months since then..
  14. I use them both, I think it helps. Why not as long as you can afford it..
  15. Yeah, you should definitely use vaseline. When you shower or wash your face, immediately apply moisturizer to that area and see if that helps. I'm sad to say it kinda looks like eczema, a little different than what I get though.. Does it itch a lot? Has it spread anywhere else on your body? If so it probably is eczema, and the best thing for that is momentasone furoate...see a doctor for it if they think it's eczema. I suggest checking out webmd or wikipedia on skin conditions if you can't