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  1. I live and die by the epsom salt mask. I think it dries up oil (not too drying though). Treats and prevents acne. As well as redmarks. It's just generally good stuff for your face. try it out, its cheap as hell.
  2. Alright, wow its been awhile since I've posted here but I was back researching and decided to share what I've ben doing recently for marks. I've always sworn an epsom salt mask was good for everything and I still do. I decided to take it a step furthur though. Here's what I do. First, you'll need some Vitamin C, Zinc, And Vitamin K, and Epsom Salt. Like a half year supply of this stuff should be under 20 bucks. First I was my face (I use cetaphil gentle cleanser), then I break some of the
  3. Well, tanning seems to do different things to PIH on people. I Don't know if it negativly effects me, the only way to know is to do it. which if you dont want to risk it then dont.
  4. jsbee you said you have used this?? do you need a prescription for this?? also i went to the site and it didn't mention anything about PIH. It just mentioned melasma. Can you fill me in a little more. Thanx ←
  5. I've never had bad luck with just using a baking soda scrub to remove all the dead crap just hanging there. It makes it a bit irratated just make sure to be gentle when you scrub.
  6. Ah yes, finally another Tri-Luma user that really approves of it. The drug is wonderful. It's like retin-a but more geared towards PIH spots and melasma. Where it makes you much mor sensitive to sun and other tropicals, it can fade every red mark on your face within a month, you just have to stay with it. I always use it for about 3 days, then stop for a couple, then start at it again and keep taking small breaks to let my face recoop. The drug also helps keep dead skin from clogging pores, t
  7. Nice hookah man, thats what it looks like to me.
  8. I was sittin' waitn' wishin' you beilived in superstition...
  9. The blood added to the infection is what causes the skin to change color, the skin on your cheek is where it is thickest and filled with blood. which is why they last the longest there.
  10. I think it has more to do with genes, I heard a theory that the more mixed your genes are, the higher your chances of acne are. This could explain why people living in isolated regions, i.e. Papa New Guinea, do not develop acne.
  11. I too am wondering about this. I'e heard e ven derms say that it wont do any harm, but some say it can make them last longer. I have a red mark on my chest that I am going to expose to sun, to see what happens. If all goes well I'll start on my face and let the boards know what's up.
  12. Well some people say that redmarks get worse under the sun. but it has to do with dead red blood cells and not actuall skin pigment. I have had a derm tell me that it helps hide them, but doesn't make them worse. So take it with a grain of salt. as for me, red marks haven't lasted longer after exposed to the sun. getting sun is good for you skin to an extent. this summer im going to get some more sun and see what happens.
  13. they dont really tell why, just the statistics. Anyone could have taken this survey, I think it's hit or miss. Milk may contribute. *shrug*
  14. Your skin looks much better that many people's IMO.