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  1. some people recomedned it on makeupalley.com Ingredients:Water (base), pentylene glycol (emollient), panthenol (hydrating), glycolic acid (exfoliating AHA), lactic acid(exfoliating AHA), arginine (naturally derived amino acid), aminomethyl propanol, betaine salicylate(exfoliating BHA), PEG-12 dimethicone (breathable silicone), spiraea ulmaria extract (pore purifying), butyleneglycol (hydrating), sodium hyaluronate (hydrating), licorice (glycyrrhiza inflata) root extract (soothing), beta glucan(
  2. last night i had eggplant parmigiana and ice cream. (cheese on the eggplant, and obviously dairy in the ice cream!) TWO new cysts this evening. could it be the dairy or is it just something else. i wasnt sure if the dairy affected someone this fast.
  3. i have a new, fresh cyst that just started brewing. help!! im going to ice it now. what else can i do!
  4. so do you just think it's my diet? that i need to incorporate more fiber into it?
  5. what do you do to combat/prevent these chin breakouts? i do not want to take birth control, spiro, etc. (im preggers, too) and my chin is the only place i get breakouts.
  6. i have read on some sites that this causes cystic acne. it's in the acne.org BP gel. any thoughts?
  7. will the acne.org BP treatment help with ONLY hormonal, cystic acne? i only get acne on my chin and they are always cysts. the rest of my face is clear.
  8. i'm not sure if its an allergy. i read a lot about dairy on here. is that ALL dairy or just non-organic dairy because of the iodine. what other food could cause cysts?
  9. is there anything that helps hormonal, cystic acne on the chin only? im not looking to take accutane, birth control or any antibiotics. is there anything else i can do to treat them topically so that they stop coming!
  10. would using the acne.org treatment be beneficial?
  11. my face looks great. all except for my chin which is a total nightmare. it always has cysts on it. i was using tazorac and now i cant because im pregnant. is there ANYTHING i can use that will actually work?! i've tried everything!!! facials, glycolic peels, microdermabrasion, BHA, BP everything. any suggestions? please help! : (