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  1. I use rolling paper (for cigarettes) that you find at the corner store/gas station. They work great and are only $2. They are as good as the clean n clear sheets.
  2. I have the exact same thing on my forehead-(at least it sounds like it-my forehead is really rough with very small bumps that aren't exactly pimples). I think it is from irritation of using SA and BP together. I have since stopped using SA with BP and just used BP. I think I'm going to use SA twice or three times a week instead of everyday as I have been doing. As you said it works great if you have a large bump coming in but not so much on other places. Hope it gets better for both of us!
  3. I have also had this problem but it happen mostly on my forehead and when I apply too much SA. I am going to leave off the SA a while and see that works:)
  4. Hi-I have been on the regimen for over a year and it has worked wonderfully. The past month or so I have added in the aspirin toner (has low dose of SA to exfoliate as i can't use AHA). I got a little over excited with exfoliating and now I have these little flesh colored bumps all over my forehead. You can't see them very well but my forehead is really rough/bumpy and not at all smooth. So my question is-has anyone else had this experience and if so, should I continue doing the regimen (I o
  5. Thanks for the compliments:) I asked a frieng who is a bio major and he said that if the vinegar is mixed 1:10 as I have been doing it might be best to mix every other night or so as some bacteria could grown in it. Straight vinegar is too acidic for anything to grow but mixing might be a problem. Just in case anyone else is wondering-that is his opinion. I have noticed that I as startign to break out more lately so I made another mixutre (the other was two weeks old). It may have nothing to
  6. Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone can tell me how long you can keep the ACV solution before making another batch or does everyone just mix the AVC and water nightly? I have made a solution and kept it in the medicine cabinet but I wasn't sure how long it would last. Thanks!
  7. I just wanted to say I have been doing this regimen for about three weeks and my skin looks more healthy then it has in a long time! Thanks for sharing Delna!!
  8. hi-I'm not clear as to what acne free is-is it a cream or pill, etc.? Personally I would go to see a derm and see what they say if you can. Otherwise I would be really gentle with my skin and try not to worry yet! Like I said before I think it's really rare for someone of your age to get rosacea. It could just be reaction to something or your skin is just very irritated at the moment. Good luck!
  9. I think it would be unusual for a person as young as yourself to have developed rosacea but I imagine it's possible. Is your skin dry, oilt etc.?What are you using on your skin at the moment and how long did you use the products you metioned? For me the products you mentioned made me look like I had rosacea when in fact I did not. It helped me to be really gentle with my skin and apply acne products sparingly with moisturizer. That's just me though-
  10. Hi everyone-I know this topic has been covered on may occassions:) However upon searching I couldn't find an answer to my question. I have been on a modified version of Dan's regimen-as Dan's seemed to work great but my skin was so flakey even with the eucerin renewal ( I may have been doing it wrong though) and I wanted to use BP only at night so I started an SA soultion in addition to the BP ( wah my face with a gentle cleanser, put an SA solution on, wait 15 mins- Dan's BP-wait 10 mintu
  11. Hi all-I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas:) I have a question-I had a cyst (i guess that's what is was-it hurt and was swollen) on my chin and I picked at it a lot making it much worse. It has finally gone away after two weeks and I've also left it alone. The problem is there is a slight indention/darked spot where it was-will the indention go away or have I just screwed up royally? or is there something I can do to help it or not. I've had other depressed spots go away over time b
  12. I agree with Monkeypie-I think you just need to be careful and wear sunscreen, stay out of too much sunlight, and use moisturizer. Everyone has to do what's right for them though!
  13. I have used Avita before-it worked really well for me because it was less strong then retin a. Make sure you follow the directions exactly (only use a pea size amount, etc) or your face could get too irritated or at least that was the case for me:) Good luck!