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  1. ummm if you posted this topic in the correct forum section you would probably get better answers so i suggest posting this thread in the body acne section.
  2. is it an ibuprofen pill? i thought ibuprofen for acne was supposed to be used as a gel
  3. you shouldn't really hate on it because you fell for their advertising and yeahh... it you knew better you wouldn't have bought it because its the same thing as any other treatment with benzoil peroxide but just overpriced. BUT yeah i do aggree we should make awareness and tell ppl to bycott proactive and just buy a cheaper BP treatment rather than an overpriced one!!
  4. all i know is that you have to wait. and btw there is no need of posting the same topic 4 times in about 5 minutes
  5. couldn't have said it better myself :clap: but im not sure about shaving acting as an exfoliant.
  6. what was her skin type and severity of her acne?
  7. I heard somewhere that glycerin or sorbitol based soaps are better for your skin and that the glycerin based BAR soaps are better to use. If the neutrogena glycerin soap isn't a good brand then which brand of glycerin soap is better?
  8. Gfunk i think you have a cyst on the side of your nose. you cant really do much itll probably go away in a week or so....personal experiance
  9. ohh i seeee. thanks catmuffin i really appreciate it :)
  10. yeeah same thing with me. when i first had acne it used to be only on the forehead then it moved to my nose, mouth and chin area. Now it is on my cheeks and jawline. I HATE IT WHEN ITS ON MY JAWLINE!!!!!!
  11. ohh. i dont even use pills because im a teen. liquid fish oil heard that tastes realllllllyyy bad and if any one of you can do me a favour, would you call up the company that makes the fish oil you use and ask them what type of gelatin they use on their coating. If it is fish gelatin or from plants then can you pleaaaassseee tell me what the brand of those fish oil pills are? THANKS in advance i realllllyyy appreciate it.
  12. Okay, the problem is that fish oil pills contain gelatin on them and since I am a muslim, gelatin is "illegal" to eat in my religion. It really depends what kid of gelatin it is though, if it is fish gelatin or gelatin from plants then it is allowed. If you are muslim and you used fish oil pills, do the ones you use have "halal" gelatin? pllllllleaaaaaaaaasee answer because i really want to get rid of acne but i cant try this!!!!