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  1. My first time was when i was 19 and it was definitely infatuation (even though at the time i was convinced i was in love) and it was also one sided by far. by very shortly after at 20, and current, i can say i am in love and it is mutual. it's funny how different the infatuation is from actually being in love. BIG difference which you would only recognize if you have experienced both.
  2. So just to see if we can draw any correlations between what age you got your time of the month for the first time and when you started to get acne. I'll start it off: My first time was when i was 16, and i started getting acne at late 19.
  3. Hey guys, so I had a derm apt last week and he suggested accutane to me, so I have a go ahead from the derm to go on it he just left the decision to me for my next apt. My parents have both said that they do not want me to go on it but I am an adult and in the end it is my decision. I would classify my acne has moderate and persistent. Its enough to cause me serious emotional grief and it is all I think about day and night. I dont' know whether or not to go ahead and go on a course. I'm concern
  4. technically no. lengthy exposure to the sun can actually damage your skin and possibly make your acne worse. what seems to make it better is the fact that the tan/burn is masking the acne, so it looks like its getting better when in fact its still there and you just can't see it. always make sure to use sunscreen, especially one high in spf to protect your skin from the sun.
  5. well so far i haven't noticed anything different but again i will update if anything should change. that sounds like a really interesting article. and yes i agree if it can go as far as causing a heart attack then why not acne right? i haven't found much online in regards to wisdom teeth and acne however, but i'm sure some of the same principles can be addressed from that article towards this.
  6. i'm going to keep a look on things and see if i notice any significant changes post my surgery. so far if anything i broke out more so there goes my theory lol but only time will tell.
  7. So I'll make this as quick as possible (I also hope this is in the right forum). I started getting acne in October 2008 and it gradually got worse and worse. In April 2008 I was advised that I had all 4 wisdom teeth in and that they needed to be removed. I post poned that surgery as much as possible (didn't think it was urgent) until this week when I finally had the surgery done. My question or comment is do you think the onset of my acne was due to the fact my wisdom teeth came in? I've heard t
  8. I support you 100%, I hope that you do get the prescription and I hope to get on it soon myself. We are adults and if we make the decision to take that pill then it is our responsibility. Good luck.
  9. i've cut dairy out of my diet a while ago
  10. i've cut dairy out of my diet for over 3 months now and it did absolutely nothing, i'm glad you found something that worked for you though