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  1. LaChesis and Tigertown8, Thank you both so much for responding to my question regarding my son's dosage. He is still taking the 100mg a day, because his father and him think I'm overreacting. However, he just had blood work today and goes back to the doctor on Thursday. He is still suffering from a real severe initial breakout. It breaks my heart. I did call the doctor about the dosage as soon as I read the package, looked on line and figured out how to convert kilograms/pounds. The doc
  2. Hi, My son is on his 3rd week of 100mg of accutane daily. Among the other side effects, his scalp is now dry and flaky. Does anyone have a recommendation as to what the best shampoo would be? I know dandruff shampoo will only make it worse. We use pantene shampoo and conditioner now. Thanks. Any recommendations will be helpful Just a Mom (Cathy)
  3. Hi, I'm hoping that someone who's taken or is still taking accutane can tell me of any known adverse reactions to taking 100mg a day. My son is 17years old 145lb's. I was real skeptical about putting my son on this medication. Unfortunately, while I researched and called doctors and spent long nights on the internet, my poor son was getting worse by the day. I finally agreed to the accutane and he's been on it now since the 31st of January. I'm just really nervous about the dosage. The si
  4. Hi, I can't answer your questions but I have found your log to be informative and I really appreciate reading it. I'm not the one on accutane, I'm just the mom. My 17 year old starts taking accutane tomorrow morning. I've really struggled with the decision to allow him to take it because of the side effects, but he's so self conscience it might just be worse for him mentally if I didn't allow him to take it. Everything I've read on these boards so far tells me that my son was given a reall
  5. i used something that called TAZORAC along whith a antibiotic that called SEPHRA and it work for me maybe you can give it a try "i used to have very severe acne" and now i can said my face is clear

    1. Can anyone with experience give me some advice on how to handle my 17 year olds acne treatment? My son has had mild teenage acne on and off for the past 2 years or so. In the last month his face has broken out severely and is almost covered. He's very good about hygiene. He's used the Proactiv (not the moisturizer or the mask) on and off for a few months. With this last outbreak he thought the Proactiv stopped working. I bought him Clean and Clear but he was inpatient. The dermatologist sa