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  1. Dude, it's already been said that diet dosen't affect acne. Dumbass.
  2. I was doing good for like 2weeks, but today when I woke up I had little fxcking whiteheads on my right side cheek. Do you think it could be do for sleeping on my side all the time? If it is then I dunno what to do. Bc I can NOT sleep faceward up. I get to uncomfortable.
  3. Another question. When do you apply the mosturizer? Like after I add the bp in the day time and @ night after adding tazorac? Help.
  4. Thanks, guys. Yeah, my acne isn't sevre(sp), and it's getting better I think. Just now my skin looks like is has dandruf coming out my pores
  5. I've been using bp 10% gel in day and tazorac @ night. It seems to be working pretty good no new breakouts, I just have some left over and some red spots. Anyway my skin is drying out. I wanted to know what were some good mosturizers out there that some of you may use? Any replies would be great, thanks.
  6. Ok, I have this moisturizer that has Salicylic Acid 0.6%. It's a pure zone Skin relief oil-free moisterizer. I wanted to know if this was safe to put on my face after adding the bp? I woke up today and noticed a little drying on my cheeks. Not severe drying, but just a little bit.