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  1. Christina, Our acne really does sound almost identical. I really feel for you. I used to have huge cysts on my face. Sometimes I couldn't even sleep for the pain and embarasment. Keep your chin up. My red spots are really really fading fast. Try using the Visibly even stuff that I use by Neutrogena. It seems to help a lot. Remember to get the one with soy. Also, like Frankie said, use aloe if you can get your hands on it. It smells awful, but it works. Just have faith. It is going to
  2. Hey...good luck with the accutane. I am almost finished with mine. I only have about 4 weeks left. If I may say so....you are very beautiful (in a manly way of course) despite your acne. You really are. I hope your insides are just as nice. Good Luck!!!! Ellen
  3. GOod morning everyone....it is about 7:10am. I am at work early this morning because I am going on the road with the salesmen today. So...they start at 7...I start at 7. Well, U.S. job hunting is still a bummer. Paige...your back/neck might be because of the medicine, don't you think? My knees are horrible. I think the medicine can really mess up your bones/joints, but that's just my humble opinion. Sorry about Matthew. You shouldn't be drinking...tsk tsk. I had some wine on Saturday n
  4. My how the weekends come and go. It is Monday already!!!! Shoot! I really should be doing some work. I actually have some work to do today. WOW. So....my weekend was weird as usual. Well, it really only got weird on Saturday. On Friday night I just went over to a friend's house, chilled, played boggle, and then went home. On Saturday, my little sister and I went down town and spent some time together. I bought a cool shirt for myself and a birthday gift for my little sis's friend. I went
  5. Hey you'll, Wazzz up? I haven't written on this board in a while. Frankie....I LOVED THE OUTFIT in your last picture and the bunny/pirate. I still couldn't figure out how to post pics. I had some to show you. Oh well. I can email them to you sometime. How is the job hunt going? You should take a close up pic for us. I know that might be weird, but I would like to see. I don't mean face squished in the camera style, but close enough to notice your skin. I will try and be brave enough
  6. Hey Carl, Good luck with Roaccutane. I am on it also. I live in Nassau, Bahamas. I had horrible cystic acne. I, like you, had tried everything known to man. I chose roaccutane as the last possible resort. I had to do something. Well, so far things are going ok. I am two days away from the month 4 mark. I am going to give you the low down and dirty. I have had a rash on my hands and arms, hair loss (still going on), depression (to a mild extent), dry cracking lips, terrible joints, and
  7. Hola Ladies, You all always make me feel better. I was in such a crap crap mood yesterday. I feel like my life is so meaningless. Christina....you are beautiful. I am jealous, too. Tsk on me. Paige, you always make me feel better. YOu are soooo funny. Frankie, I am glad you feel better, too. I hate it when we are in the dumps. I got into an argument with my mom the night before last and then went to bed. Well, I woke up delirious around 1:30am and I asked God to make me feel better.
  8. Hey Frankie, I am feeling quite miserable today. I think it's a combination of my hair falling out, having horrible cramps, Antwon being a liar, and not liking my job. Well, I just want to say good luck with finding a job. What kind of job are you looking for? You can have mine..lol. Well, I don't feel much like socializing. Talk to you later. Ellen
  9. Frankie.......WHERE ARE YOU???????????? Happy New Year. I will write you again. Ellen
  10. HOla peeps! Thanks for the roses Frankie. They are just in time to go with my cake. You are awsome! I really wish that all of us were in the same area. We would have a blast. I say we all save up...wash cars, mow lawns, do boring office work, anything to visit each other one day. Well, I may be dreaming, but I definitely think one day we should all meet in person. So.....today is my b-day as you three know. I don't feel 22. I feel more like 15 or 16. Actually, I take that back. M
  11. You girls are GRRREAT!!!!! So.....my face is red as usual. It could always be worse. I am eating my oatmeal...again. I am going to turn into an oat. My little sister is going to turn into a spaghetti noodle. She eats spaghetti for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She actually already resembles a noodle....tall and skinny. She looks a lot like me. She constantly tells me that she is more beautiful than me. At least she has good self esteem. Maybe she won't be a pitiful creature like me.
  12. Hello my fellow acne website pals. You are all so cool!!! I really look forward to coming on here and seeing how your lives are going. Paige.....Matthew.....oooh. Why don't you just tell him that it's over and make him chase you. If he really cares, he will not let you go that easily. There has to be some reason that he isn't into letting people know about you all. It isn't like you are an ugly hag with warts hanging off of her body.....and a hairy hag at that. Well, a little too descrip
  13. Frankie & Paige, LOL I act like this page belongs to you both. Oh well. You girls are great. Imagine how much fun we would have if we could all be in the same place. Ooooo I would really like that. I don't have any friends here......not one. I have one girl who pretends to be my friend so she can have someone to go out with. I don't like that. I am ready to go home. I have to take my lunch hour today to drop my brother home from school. That sucks a little, cause I don't get much
  14. Hey Christina, I found your board!!!!!! I wrote you on my board first, so you gotta check that later. I guess we can alternate boards. I wrote about the Jake/Antwon thing on my board, so I am not going to rewrite it. I am also taking vitamin E, Zinc, A multi mineral supplement, and some Glucosamine for my joints. I am so sick of taking these vitamins, but you can't really find a multi-vitamin without vitamin A in it. What do you do Christina? I am a brand manager at a local company in Na
  15. Hey Fankie and Paige, What's up???? Paige...that matthew is a super freak. Naw....I guess he's just confused. I don't know what there is to be confused about, but men are like that sometimes. I am sorta like a guy in that respect..I am always confused about commitment. I still don't know what to do about Antwon or Brian. I seem to change everyday. What a load of dung. Antwon seems to trustworthy sometimes, and other times I have no idea what to think. Brian is definitely trustworthy.