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  1. Hey! I omitted dairy from my diet for the past 2 months and am feeling quite comfortable with and pretty sure it has contributed to a marked improvement in my acne. But I would like to reintroduce it back into my diet, just to know for sure the effects it has on me. I am scared because I dont really feeling like breaking out if it is a contibuter to my acne, but I figure I have to know and I can only learn to experimenting with reintroducing it. Can anyone give me any tips on how I should re
  2. Two months ago I eliminated dairy from my diet and I am quite sure it has contributed to my acne clearing up almost to 100%, which I am very happy about. However I have made a number of lifestyle and eating changes simeaultaneously that take time to show their effects and now I would like to reintroduce dairy just to see and know for certain if it does have a negative effect on my skin. So I can stop being so paranoid about it. I know I will never eat as much dairy as I used to but I would like
  3. Good luck both of you (or anyone else planning to come off the pill). Tdot, I think it is a good idea to just get your regime to the bare basics while you come off the pill. Dont add anything new in for the first month or so. I was taking a supplement called estrotone (you could look into it) to ease my transition, and I thought it was helping. But then when I ran out of it after 2 months, my skin actually got alot clearer so it could have been affecting me negatively (I also stopped dairy at th
  4. hey tdot! i am a BCP survivor and I would say the sooner you get that stuff out of your body the better. I really messed up my whole system and not just acne although that was the most traumatic of all the negative effects I got from going on and off the pill too much. Now I am off the pill, almost clear, and totally steadfast in my determination never to put synthetic hormones in my body again. Dont be afraid. The transition may be rough but you will definitely get through it and your body will
  5. I also have a question about nuts! Is there a big difference in the nutrition of roasted versus raw nuts. I am thinking specifically of nuts (true or not) such as walnuts, cashews, almonds, peanuts,pecans?? The same queston goes for sunflower and pumpkins seeds. any ideas?
  6. First time poster , long time reader. I have gotten alot of valuable information from the boards and my acne situation as well as my overall health awareness and wellbeing has benefited greatly from all the knowledge on this site. Right now I am mostly concerned with avoiding high spikes in blood sugar. I definitely do not want to eliminate fruit from my diet. And although I do not eat any processed foods or sweets I still like naturally sweet things such as honey, dates, dried figs, natural li
  7. does anyone have any experience with the effectiveness of the ACV supplements. Ä° can't get organic apple cider vinegar where Ä° live but Ä° can get the pills. And on top of that they seem so much more convenient to take?
  8. what are you guys using young coconut for?
  9. hey laindenver. i was wondering if you have noticed as results from using DIM? it has been almost a month since you posted that you started using it... how are you feeling about it? do you think it has helped you at all? Take care and i hope you are doing well
  10. hello to cementface and anyone else currently using estrotone on this board! it has been a while since anyone posted with an update on their results from using the product? anybody want to share what the effects of estrotone have been after a month or so using the product?? if you do i would be really interested to know what your acne was like beforehand and how exactly you think estrotone has improved you acne (no new pimples? or just less inflammation etc. etc) i am thinking about taking it
  11. this is a really good question for alot of us trying to tackle acne from the inside.. can anyone help us?
  12. Laindenver Ä° was just wondering what DIM is? Have you had any positive results?
  13. hey liz. i really hope tri cyclen works for you. believe me it was the miracle pill the first time i tried it. i thought i was completely cleared from acne. i would maybe have one zit in a month. it waas great. i am a complete idiot for going off it and messing with my hormones. damnit.. anyways. i haven't changed anything else. the only problem is i am a traveller and always living abroad so i cannot go to derms very easily so i have never been to one. although where i am i can get BCP with
  14. GOOD LUCK! i hope your return to birth control is better than mine. i took tri cyclen for 2 wonderful years with completely cleared skin. i took a 4 month break and also wanted to go back onto it to control my acne that had begun to return. i have had a rough six months because it actually made my acne worse than it was in the first place. i kept hoping that it would return to how it was, but now i am going to change my birth control... i would expect that you might have to wait as long as 3 mon
  15. hey everyone when i was 17 i started taking tri cyclen because i got a boyfriend. previously i was on erthromycin for treating my moderate acne (mostly on my chin and jawline) it almost completely cleared up my acne. then i stopped it when i went on tri cyclen and after that just the birth control by itself did wonders for my skin. for 2 years i only rarely had a pimple and i thought i was cured. about 9 months ago i (stupidly) decided to go off the pill. my acne slowly started to come back so