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  1. There are lots of concealers on the market but I find they can look cakey on me so what I do is apply mineral powder foundation all over (I actually wear it over liquid foundation) and then dip the corner of a makeup sponge into a little bead of the mineral powder and press it into the red mark and keep layering until it's covered..if it's extremely red it might not cover completely but it really works well, as long as it's blended properly and the skin isn't too dry.
  2. I can relate to the OP (I did a similar thread a while back) because I have been wearing makeup since I was 13 and even though I don't wear a lot (mascara and foundation) I feel it makes me look significantly better, so it is really, really hard to let someone see the 'real' me. I am envious of women that don't wear any, what you see is what you get, no nasty surprises, lol..I have friends that wear none whatsoever..but then they have clear skin..for me it is mostly about covering my skin and
  3. Because I have rosacea which is incurable I will never be completely clear because there will always be varying degrees of redness and blotchiness. My acne comes and goes. The good thing about most people's acne is it will eventually go away completely and if you haven't been scarred then your skin might look as amazing as the picture one of the posters has put in this thread. I have not known the freedom of completely clear skin since I was a kid and will never know it again (although I can f
  4. I have only tried one type of mineral makeup but I'm guessing that they all have similarities and I find on it's own (I use the L'oreal bare naturale one) that iit doesn't last on my face either. What I do is wear it on top of another foundation so it has something to 'stick' to..maybe you could try that. I know a lot of people think makeup makes them break out more but I really think the acne would be there anyway in most cases (I mean guys with acne don't normally wear makeup and it doesn't
  5. Yep it's a bitch of a thing. I'm crossing my fingers for you that you'll stop getting the cysts..is accutane an option? Not sure if it would be overkill because you're only getting them in one area but might be worth investigating.
  6. Ok interesting thoughts, thanks everyone. Other than my foundation, which is full cover but does look pretty natural I just wear mascara and occasionally lipgloss. I know a lot of people have good skin under the spots so that when the spots go they are pretty much ok, but because I have rosacea too and my skin is very fair and shows up everything so I don't feel I could ever walk around without makeup..and I don't think there's anything wrong with makeup either..it doesn't cause my breakouts
  7. I guess they 'should' but whether they will or not is a different story. They would start out knowing me as someone who looked a certain way, then the makeup comes off and it's something quite different!
  8. I started getting acne around 13. It's been at various degrees of severity over the years, face and sometimes body affected. Have been on antibiotics for it and also the bcp, which works pretty well, but I know from experience if I come off it then it will be bad again. I also have rosacea and have had laser treatments and IPL to try and minimise the redness. My skin problems have affected me so immensely, I can't overstate it. One of the biggest issues I have is being seen as I really am.
  9. Yeah I use 3 diff things too, works well for me. I think as long as you actually remove the makeup properly it doesn't necessarily aggravate acne..like you said it's there anyway!
  10. By the sounds of it you've been to a few derms..have you tried consulting with a beauty therapist, somewhere reputable that specialises in skin problems and treatments and maybe offers things like IPL etc. Often they seem to know more about how to treat things than the derms.
  11. Yeah I am very pale with the makeup but I l only look 'darker' without because of the redness..a darker shade of foundation looks fake on me. My skin is worse in person and the flash is making the made up one look better than it is but I've had a gazillion different types of treatments so it used to be even worse than that..when I was about 15 my doc asked if he could use my face in a brochure for laser treatment because of the severity of my rosacea and acne at that stage.
  12. I have rosacea and I also get acne breakouts. As you can see there are lovely red marks on my chin and forehead from healing spots. I have more red marks that aren't as visible in the pic and blackheads etc. My face is always pink and blotchy without makeup due mainly to the rosacea but I didn't have many red marks until I got the latest crop of nodules from coming off the bcp so I'm back on it now. I currently use revlon colorstay foundation in ivory, revlon colorstay under eye concealer an
  13. I get a red mark after most pimples whether I sqeeze/pick them or not. I've got 4 major ones on my chin right now and some on my forehead. My cheeks are pink (I have rosacea) so it's less noticeable on there and I don't tend to get many spots on my cheeks because they're much drier, but I've noticed that if I do get a spot on my cheek it heals much quicker..I think that's because there's so much blood flow from the rosacea it must speed the process up. Yeah they take a long time to fade..it's
  14. I've just started using Revlon Colorstay and I like it a lot so far..no sign of problems yet. It seems to actually stay on like it's supposed to and the shade I got is nice. I also wear mineral powder over the top for really good coverage..I need to because I have rosacea as well as some spots to cover up.
  15. Some people find natural remedies helpful for hormonal balancing but I don't know much about them. I've noticed a lot of people commented that they felt depressed when taking the pill, not sure if it's specific types but I got really depressed when I wasn't taking the Estelle..pretty sure it was related because soon after I went back on it my mood picked right up. So for me it really has been a saviour, even though there are risks, but it would suck to have bad skin caused by the pill.