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  1. Do you think biteing your nails also could be bad cause your nails could be full of crap that you just cant see and then you bite them with your mouth?
  2. Has anyone used this on there face before and how did it work '
  3. Man i have this zit on the front of my nose i look like rudolph the red nose randeer not alot of fun. what can i do to get it to go away maybe but tommorow? :^o
  4. I was woundering this to, I was told that going to a tanning bed help the skin its drys everything I was woundering if its good to go to a tanning bed for like 15 min or so?
  5. I'm woundering what cystics look like and what they are? I have like 2 big zits that are like the size of a penny would that be classifed as one or no?
  6. Do you recommend putting moisterizer on at night or will the really affect when i wake up with a dry face or is it more of a time thing before it starts to go away
  7. Ive been on it for 4 weeks now coming tommorow and everytime i wake up in the morning my face is all dry. I use like a full finger at night and morning and apply the moisturizer just in the morning, what should i do only put half or should i just keeping going?
  8. It's PanOxyl Benzoyl Peroxide get USP 5% Do you thing this is to much for the face?
  9. Just to let you know i already read it so dont get mad at me, I just had a few question before i try it and they dont have all the answers there [-X
  10. Im thinking about trying the regimen since its the only thing i havnt tryed. I have a few question before i start. - When do you apply the benzoyl peroxide is it just the morning and the afternoon? -Do you have to do anything at night like wash your face or apply the benzoyl then or do you just apply it in the morning and the afternoon? -Do you have to shave in the shower or can you shave out of the shower? -It shows to put the benzoly like half way up your finger then you spread it
  11. When u guys say u need lots of sleep what do u mean like how many hours do u need? i go to bed at like 12 am sometimes and on weekends at like 12:30am then i wake up at like 10 :30 am or 11 is that not enoght sleep?
  12. Hey everyone that used Proactive did u guys use it Morning and Night ? and did u try to not put your face on your pillow? Also how can u get the red marks off your face? :oops:
  13. IF u used it for your face did u use it morning at night or only at night time before bed? Is there any good diet or good food progams u can take when u have acne?
  14. Hey how long have u been using proactive before your face was clearned good? i been using it for like 2 weeks now and i have mild acne and when u use it at night zits are little ones in the morning i really like it now i only have a 4 or so big ones and red spots on my face
  15. Hi i i just go my order of proactive i have about 5 big zits then the rest are little red ones on my face but it still loooks bad. So i tryed it out on sunday and followed all the direction rubbed it on smooth and everything then i wake up in the morning and my eyes are closed shut like a black eye but i wasnt sure if i got the stuff in my face or it was me becuase my face was a little itchy in the morning and i thought i might have rubbed it into my eye when i was sleeping so that caused th