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  1. Depends what kind of mood I'm in on a good day, I stick with ; Vichy DermaBlend ( 55 Bronze ) = cover over Dark Marks Natural FX ( B15 ) with SPF 15 = all over - evens tone Eyes; Keep It Bright - no name eyeshadow ( if any ) - liquid liner (any) thinly on top lid. ( I perfer the Gosh extreme art # 20 ) the gold looks good on me ^ and if on the bottom, the outher third - a light eyeshadow in inner eye lid ( just a little ) = to make my eyes seem brighter - lastly, 1 COAT of mascara, t
  2. Well my acne has it's days.. but to keep it moderately under control I use DermaBlend corrective foundation for touch ups ( for over dark spots ) I let it sit for a minute and then I use Natural FX water Based foundation with SPF 15. I perfer liquid over presspowder because it goes on easier plus it has sunscreen in it. All over a good moisturizer ( because my skin gets overly dry). You could give it a try, it doesn't burn from my experience and it's light to wear. :)
  3. uh.. I just bought the vanishing lotion for sensitive skin along with the clenser and clensing pads. WORST MISTAKE I EVER MADE ! I found out that my skin is hypersensitive to BP and so even the smallest amount left my skin with visually huge pores, extreme itchiness / dryness and like a hundred whiteheads ( no exageration ) around the sides of my mouth and chin. I practically lived off of benadril today because of the reaction. I don't know what to do but I'm stopping the cream RIGHT NOW. and w
  4. uh .. I wear foundation and coverup all day because I have rediculous dark brown acne scars everywhere + I'm a student in highschool. Do you think I should wait until a week or so when I can wear no make up to try this ?