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  1. Hey guys/gals Just another update on my roaccutane adventures. I've just finished 5 weeks on it and here are the pics once again: http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/hearts_desir...rever/my_photos It's getting there definitely. Hopefully this is the year for all of us hey!!! Take it easy ... laters
  2. Wk 3 of Roaccutane - The Results: http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/hearts_desir...rever/my_photos What I think - (Compared to Wk 2) 1) Looks a little redder but maybe a little smoother also? How come my skin colour looks different in wk3 pictures as opposed to wk2 pictures? Is that just due to the light levels around/time photo was taken or do you think my skin has really gone redder? 2) Has my acne gotten better from wk2 to wk3? Worse? Stayed the same? Should I see any improvements within the
  3. Hey Peeps ... Hope you all had a fab Christmas ... Anyway, I've been on roaccutane for 2 weeks now, and just wanted to show you some of the pics of my face along the way ... Oh yeah I've been using the antibiotic erythromycin ethylsuccina also (for four weeks now). Apart from that I haven't really used anything extra apart from that cetaphil gentle cleanser stuff. http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/hearts_desir...rever/my_photos As you can see, from Sept to Nov, the acne went from bad to worse. A
  4. Can erythromycin be taken with roaccutane? Is it meant to be? My dermatologist wasn't very clear on this ... thanks
  5. abcd


    Paul86 - The antibiotics I am using are called erythromycin ethylsuccina. It's abbrievated name is EES. The dermatologist hasn't really explain things that well ... I'm kinda disappointed actually. Hopefully he'll be more helpful in the future... The notes on the prescription say 'TAKE ONE TABLET TWICE DAILY UNTIL ALL TAKEN' ... I have 3 lots of 75 capsules, so I guess I'm meant to follow these instructions (with the roaccutane later on) for the next 2 and a half months ... cos that's probabl
  6. abcd


    Hey People ... How's this? I had a doctors appointment a couple of wks ago ... he redirected me to a dermatologist ... I asked the doctor how long it'd take for a appointment to be scheduled, and he said prob 3 weeks ... So I rang the dermatologist and his secretary said exactly the same ... 3 weeks ... then she told me to hold on cos some other people had cancelled their appointments ... She checked the bookings and I was able to get an appointment 2 days after the call!!! How cool is that!!!
  7. abcd


    Hey ... You all are great to talk to, encouraging and very helpful ... thanks heaps ... I've now finished school for the year so I'm definitely gonna see a dermatologists and I've got 3 months holiday so hopefully will be able to see some sort of results before I go back?? Will certainly bug dermatologist about accutane ... how long does it take until results start being seen? Heard that accutane causes breakouts, how long will this last?? Thanks once again, peeps ... got a long 3 mths ahead
  8. abcd


    Hey Guys ... Thanks for all the tips ... will put them into practice Still having heaps of probs ... been busy with school so haven't been able to see a dermatologist but will in the next few wks... It looks like my acne is getting worse and worse by the month ... will it ever end??? Here is a comparison of my cheeks during September and that of today ... November ... what on earth is going on?? http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/hearts_desir...rever/my_photos I've been hearing about these 2 ex
  9. abcd


    Hey Everyone, Thanks for all da great tips (keep em coming if u can) ... just thinking bout it recently and you know what?? I'm gonna get rid of these pimples!!! Gonna really soak in all your hints ... But meanwhile ... as I do that, I'm gonna do what 'thenewshmoo' suggested ... that is smile .... who knows? maybe that's one of the secrets of being cured even faster??? Anyways I'll keep you'se updated .. thanks again guys ... P-Man
  10. abcd


    Hey... Just really need some assistance. My pimples/scars/indents are just getting so totally bad. I really need some help. It just hurts so much looking in the mirror these days. Really depressing!!! Why can't I have nice skin for just one day Have a look at the pics and help me out guys. What do you'se suggest? what natural products? or treatments or creams ... whatever ... it's just really getting to me heaps. Ta. http://photos.yahoo.com/hearts_desire_forever - P-man It's like this ALL