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  1. whaoh they gave you demerol? first ive heard that on here. what doc and where do ya live?
  2. where do you live? see a male doctor. truthfully i would not trust a female doctors advice or work on my face.
  3. you rolled how often? every day or how many times per week and how?
  4. moderate? ignore this completely, you don't know what moderate scarring is
  5. was this with rapaport? I'm doing fraxel + subcision with him on tuesday...recommended sculptra a few weeks after i heal from the subcision
  6. i have this too.. seem to just have appeared with no visible pimple in the first place
  7. To sum it up, products mentioned fail to have the essential ingredient, copper peptide? it seems like the type of copper peptide is proven to work. his doesn't apparently
  8. sverd - from the time you got fraxel till now, how have the overall results been?
  9. CP breaks up and decreases scar tissue thus it's volume later, supposedly to increase collagen. Research it. Everyone skin is different so not every product will product the same outcome. pickart is a fraud http://forum.owndoc.com/showthread.php?181...-peptides/page4
  10. there are just as many negative reviews of it worsening scarring then actually helping it. and i don't by the claim by skinbiology things get worse then better.
  11. can someone post a picture of a 'scarred pore'? im still not exactly sure what the hell it is
  12. I have read from plastic surgeons that the back generally doesnt respond as well as the face. i have done the 30% peel on my upper back and it did take a bit longer to peel. as far as results... i can't really tell
  13. talk is cheap and as we've seen with fraxel its all about $$$
  14. while youer smart for starting with 12.5%, a TCA peel likely isn't gonna do much of anything and especially for moderate to severe scars. I've done 35% -40% repeadedly and don't notice much of anything...the look/peeling afterwards was pretty bad too. Don't get you're hopes up
  15. i'm not sure whats worse, using this and worrying how high it gets on TWENTY DOLLAR glucose meter or worrying about all the electropollution causing diabetes